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  1. Bebojo21

    Some Furniture Ideas (Lighting, Crafting, Functional)

    Just some ideas of furniture I've had for a while. Let me know what you think! Lighting: Biome Torch Crafting: Torch + 1 Soul of Light + 1 Soul of Night = Biome Torch (33) These torches change color based on which biome they're in Works even when submerged in liquids Life Fruit Lantern...
  2. Bebojo21

    PC Terraria Official Soundtrack Needs to Be Updated

    I noticed that the Terraria Official Soundtrack is missing some songs. On both Steam and Spotify, there are three discs/volumes, and it is clear to me that a fourth disc/volume needs to be added. According to the Official Terraria Wiki, some "tracks are missing from the official soundtrack and...
  3. Bebojo21

    Some Various Quality of Life and Other Changes

    Here's a list of some various game mechanics changes that I would like: There needs to be a way to turn off (and on) events (like the Solar Eclipse) after Moonlord has been defeated Certain armor like the Forbidden armor, events like the Old One’s Army Event, and bosses like Queen Bee and Duke...
  4. Bebojo21

    Hallowed and Corrupt/Crimson Enemies Fighting Each Other

    Hallowed and Corrupt/Crimson enemies should be able to fight each other! Maybe not all of them, just a few special ones, like imagine if the Enchanted Sword fought with the Cursed Hammer/Crimson Axe. New enemies could be added which only spawn at the crossroads of the Hallow and the...
  5. Bebojo21

    Giant Zombie Boss

    Thanks, I'm glad that Thorium has a similar idea, what stats do you think could be improved?
  6. Bebojo21

    Giant Zombie Boss

    So I had this idea: If there are Slimes and King Slime, Demon Eyes and the Eye of Cthulhu, and Skeletons and Skeletron, then Zombies should have a Zombie boss counterpart. I mean, Zombies are some of the first enemies the player ever encounters, and they are some of the most common and iconic...
  7. Bebojo21

    The Traveling Merchant Should Sell Corrupt Seeds in Crimson Worlds

    The Traveling Merchant should occasionally sell Corrupt Seeds in Crimson worlds, and Crimson Seeds in Corruption worlds. It would help immensely for people who want to create an artificial Evil biome in their world if they don't want to make a new world, which can then be used for fighting...
  8. Bebojo21

    Journey's End Vanity Contest - Finalists & Voting Instructions

    I really liked Plaguebringer's Robes, if it wins that'd be awesome, but I felt like it was too similar to Crowno's set and the Ancient Cultist Mask, even though it is a cow skull or similar. Still love it though. Similar thing with the Timeless Traveler, love that one too still. I love Deep...
  9. Bebojo21

    Accessory Combinations That Should Be Added to Terraria: Journey's End (1.4)

    That's true, maybe there could be an intermediate accessory with just Bee Cloak + Star Veil, which could then be further crafted into the Chaos Necklace if you had access to the Panic Necklace/Sweetheart Necklace. Or it could use the Band of Starpower, even though that doesn't really match with...
  10. Bebojo21

    Accessory Combinations That Should Be Added to Terraria: Journey's End (1.4)

    With Journey's End coming up in about a month, I decided I would finally list some of my ideas on new accessory combinations. Please give me your feedback on this list. I'd love to hear your own ideas, criticisms of my ideas, alternative names, and anything else. I'd also like to know if any of...
  11. Bebojo21

    Combine the frog legs with something.

    Bundle of Balloons
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