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  1. CraigDaGunslinger

    Next Month is Terraria's 10th Anniversary How Will You Celebrate?

    Oh Yeah May 16th 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (insert air horn here) WAHOOOOOO EVERYBODY CELEBRATE IT'S ALMOST HERE. How are you going to celebrate. personally im going to make a rainbow brick castle in terrair complete with confetti cannons and infinite bunny machines and fireworks and a giant 10 over...
  2. CraigDaGunslinger

    Show Your Art Thread

    Every body share there art dont be shy here is mine
  3. CraigDaGunslinger

    Xbox One Look out for this idiot he's a thief name below

    This guy named <removed by staff> or something is a real jerk i invited him to my world and i caught this idiot going thought my chests!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad: please for your own sake and your items sake look out.
  4. CraigDaGunslinger

    What are some fun/funny things to do after you beat moonlord

    what do you like to do? i personally like making a creature generator (affectionately named Kreature Mech) and sniping random beasts with my sniper rifle i don´t know why but i get pleasure from watching things explode into bloody pieces from a tiny thing.
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