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  1. giras

    Vanity back accesories

    In the game we have capes, wings and thats that, right? Maybe we could have other things for our character equip them in the back, like backpacks, tails, spikes, weapons, silly things like a flower pot, a large firework...etc Just imagine a carpenter, with his engineering helmet, miner outfits...
  2. giras

    The definitive Dyes

    I am a very obsessive with dyeing my stuff, and can be doing it for a lot of time, even coming back to home just to change just whatever bothers me. It is funny and tiring. Maybe we can craft a master/definitive dye of sorts, with a lot of dyes inside, maybe subgroups, cold, warm colors, or...
  3. giras

    PC Some new doors

    Terraria has a lot of doors, but them act the same just opening to the left or right. What about some doors that acts diferent, like sci-fi door opening up, disapearing (maybe a laser one?) doors that cant be opened without wire... etc`:D I did some UFO base a couple weeks ago and the worst part...
  4. giras

    PC Just a couple of tweaks to game experience

    I love Terraria as it is, but it sometimes gets dificult in a couple of things. First thing is the Lifeform Analyzer (and derivated):nymph: Its hard to see if it has detected something if you are bussy trying to not get killed, ¡so maybe the text could change the color when it detects any rare...
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