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  1. FAdadada

    Do You Have a Plan For How You Progress Singleplayer?

    I've beaten the game many times since 1.2, and I've developed a certain progression plan that I'd usually follow. In Pre-Hardmode, I follow a generic routine for progression that most players probably follow. Sometimes I raid the Jungle Temple Pre-Hardmode, but I rarely do so. Additionally, I...
  2. FAdadada

    Do You Fight Duke Fishron in the Start of Hardmode?

    For a long while now, I usually get the Truffle Worm early in Hardmode and fight Duke before any Mechanical Boss. I'd prepare by getting/preparing: Potions the Shield of Cthulhu and Pixie Wings any Hardmode armor set (preferably Orichalcum or Spider Armor) some good weapon with decent range a...
  3. FAdadada

    Did You Know That "Hallow" Is an Actual Word?

    Hallow: verb honor as holy noun a saint or holy person Apparently the hallow, the biome in Terraria, is based on an actual word. Moreover, it's an old word, and apparently its adjective form "hallowed" and infinitive form "to hallow" are archaic terms that really only find usage in the...
  4. FAdadada

    Why Do Arkhalis' Lightwings and Ghostar's Infinity Eight Make Wing Sounds?

    These wings do not flap at all, so why do they make wing sounds? They should just make no sound at all like the Beetle Wings or Lazure's Barrier Platform. Please make this change soon, it's a simple change.
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