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  1. Tarluk

    Raise the current maximum distance that Liked/Disliked NPCs can affect Happiness by

    Personally, I quite like the new Happiness system as it opens up many more possibilities for building NPC houses in my worlds. But one thing that's been mildly infuriating for me lately is how short the distance you have to keep houses of two NPCs that like each other within: a mere 25 blocks...
  2. Tarluk

    Is there a way of recreating these vertical Wood Blocks and Walls?

    I noticed within the 1.4 Pylons teaser, the Guide's house had vertically-aligned blocks and walls close to the doorframe, but I haven't found a way to replicate those blocks, and the traditional Wooden Beams have jarring black borders between each block that these vertical walls don't have and...
  3. Tarluk

    Not sure where to put my forum thread

    I want to make a forum thread asking users "If you could add/change anything in Terraria, what would you add/change?" I wasn't quite sure whether it would fit within The Crossroads - General Discussion or within Player Suggestions > Other or within some other section, so I thought it would be...
  4. Tarluk

    Breaking a fake sword in an Enchanted Sword Shrine causes it to drop a Pearlwood Sword

    I think that if a player manages to find and break into a shrine, they should at least get something for their troubles, even if it isn't as good as the Enchanted Sword or Arkhalis that they were looking for. Why specifically a Pearlwood Sword? Well, the colors of the fake sword shrine sprite...
  5. Tarluk

    Corruption/Crimson Pits spawn with Different Blocks depending on what Biome they spawn in

    If the Corruption/Crimson pits spawn in a Snow Biome, the Ebonstone/Crimstone blocks and walls would be replaced with Purple/Red Ice Blocks (and Purple/Red Ice Walls if these get added into the game). If the Corruption/Crimson pits spawn in a Desert or Ocean biome, the Ebonstone/Crimstone...
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