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  1. CraigDaGunslinger

    Story The Adventures of Lancelot and Co.

  2. CraigDaGunslinger

    Show Your Art Thread

    no i mean't terraria art not some illusion
  3. CraigDaGunslinger

    Next Month is Terraria's 10th Anniversary How Will You Celebrate?

    Oh Yeah May 16th 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (insert air horn here) WAHOOOOOO EVERYBODY CELEBRATE IT'S ALMOST HERE. How are you going to celebrate. personally im going to make a rainbow brick castle in terrair complete with confetti cannons and infinite bunny machines and fireworks and a giant 10 over...
  4. CraigDaGunslinger

    Terraria Bad Ideas

    Whenever you mine one block 10 dungeon guardians spawn.
  5. CraigDaGunslinger

    What are some fun/funny things to do after you beat moonlord

    Awesome i love to hear from you guys keep these ideas coming:D:D
  6. CraigDaGunslinger

    hey so i saw you like under tale well i made a sans skin check it out at...

    hey so i saw you like under tale well i made a sans skin check it out at forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/terrarians-show-us-your-custom-vanity-sets.7703/page-61#post-2361992
  7. CraigDaGunslinger

    Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

    So you want me to keep posting or no? And i take it you like my sans skin? not sure if posted yet but... Minotaur Will's Helmet (Head) | Dye: none Lamia Wraps (Body) | Dye: none Eskimo Pants (Legs) | Dye: none The Destroyer Destroyer Mask (Head) | Dye: none Adamantite Breastplate (Body)...
  8. CraigDaGunslinger

    Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

    wow those are magnificent *kisses finger tips*
  9. CraigDaGunslinger

    thanks man!

    thanks man!
  10. CraigDaGunslinger

    Terrarians, Show us your Custom Vanity Sets

    cant post picture but i present... Everscream Christmas tree top Christmas tree bottom Christmas trunks Yoraiz0r's scowl Yoraiz0r's spell Twins (very bad in my opinion) Twins Mask - No Dye Martian Torso - Bright Silver Dye Adamantite - No Dye Weapons: Cursed Flames, and Space Gun Sans Skull...
  11. CraigDaGunslinger

    Show Your Art Thread

    Every body share there art dont be shy here is mine
  12. CraigDaGunslinger

    Xbox One Look out for this idiot he's a thief name below

    This guy named <removed by staff> or something is a real jerk i invited him to my world and i caught this idiot going thought my chests!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad: please for your own sake and your items sake look out.
  13. CraigDaGunslinger

    Your most hilarious / stupid death

    i kept stepping on a pressure plate that triggered a dart trap i kept forgetting about every 5 seconds or something till i died LMAO i had end game gear too!!! :D:D:D
  14. CraigDaGunslinger

    Official Art Request Megathread

    Um i don't know how to say this without sounding like a pompous jerk but i was wondering if anyone would like to draw my character for me? like if he were irl? if you do want to thanks i appreciate it! :D
  15. CraigDaGunslinger

    Name a more iconic duo I’ll wait

    Spazmatizm and Retinazer lol :cool:
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