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  1. Master Dong

    tModLoader I need help with modding chat messages

    Hello, i am a pretty new to modding and despite making a translation mod, i Don't know much about modding. I was trying to translate chat messages from other mods so people can understand them but I Don't know how to code It and i didn't find information searching, maybe it's not possible? If...
  2. Master Dong

    tModLoader Calamity Mod Spanish translation

    Este mod traduce el Calamity mod al lenguaje español/This mod translates Calamity Mod to Spanish language Este mod esta hecho para que todos los españoles puedan disfrutar del Calamity Mod aun sin entender ingles. DEBES tener Calamity mod instalado para que funcione, ya que esto solo es una...
  3. Master Dong

    Resolved I have a question about the "Privileges"

    Good afternoon everybody, I created a mod and a friend told me that i should create a thread in the mod section so i can receive feedback and questions, but it seems that the category need some privileges, could someone tell me how to get them?
  4. Master Dong

    Hello Terrarians!

    Im Master Dong, im 20 years old and this is my first time posting here, im glad to be part of this community
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