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  1. Banmei

    Queen Bee summoned without attacking the Hive

    Not sure if this is a bug or not. The changelog states this: "Queen Bee should no longer be summoned and attack you if her Larvae are broken when no one is nearby, including from liquids settling on worldgen" So I am giving 'not the bees' a whirl to try it out. A Larvae spawned on the surface...
  2. Banmei

    Game Crash/Performance Issue/Corrupted World

    So I decided to start a new Terraria world. Didn't make it past the first night because for some reason the game crashed. Don't know why. Anywho, when I go to load it back I find that the world is still in the menu only it's name is missing. It's just blank. When I click on the world it attempts...
  3. Banmei

    Diving Gear

    Prior to any counter-argument I would like to state that I am aware the flippers are now fishable. Problem = Even prior to 1.4 the Diving Gear was not available early on or even mid-pre hardmode. I personally feel to actually make use of it it should be available earlier. Why? Well, by the time...
  4. Banmei

    Just Sayin...

    This is probably the wrong forum but I couldn't decide which one was the best. Just browsing through some forum topics I've noticed there's a ton of "Bug" or "This Sucks" topics in reference to Journey's End. I'd like to say that although it does have flaws overall I think the update rocks...
  5. Banmei

    Bugs N Stuff

    BUGS 1 - Auto-Resolution = Great feature, although when I attempted to changed it to a resolution that increased the pixel size, things slowed down considerably. Also, black bars appeared on the side of the screen similar to widescreen effect except vertical instead of horizontal. Sorry for the...
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