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  1. TheCatOfMechanic

    Absurdly Simple Combination Lock (Custom Password, Over 8 million possibilities)

    Amazing! So useful! I painted the blocks on top with shadow paint because othrrwise it is like having a padlock made out of clear plastic xD @[email protected] do you have an explanation on how this works? Seems amazing! I also added a SR Flip Flop with another switch so you can close the vault xD
  2. TheCatOfMechanic

    Most reasonable ideas to complete this amazing game!

    mech Brain is not complete because of the lore " Much time has passed since the Great War of Cthulhu. However, rumors tell of a Lunatic Cult led by a fanatical zealot that is methodically seeking to revive Cthulhu to its former power and bring about the end of the world. As a part of these...
  3. TheCatOfMechanic

    Mobile Calamity Mod On Mobile

    Really it's illegal is it? IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO MOD MOBILE. The performance part yes, would probably never function on mobile but it isn't illegal
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