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  1. TimeyMarey007

    Ancient blocks and furniture

    Not sure if I'm the first to suggest this, but this came on my mind lately: I was thinking of a small but neat addition thing that could be done; basically, (re)adding old sprites of furniture and blocks and walls as they once used to be, as new items. For example: The pre-1.2 sprites of the...
  2. TimeyMarey007

    Rain Altar

    Maybe I could need a different name, and maybe a sprite if anyone is willing to make one. This thing is pretty much like a Lunar Monolith except that it triggers rain. Also occupies pretty much the same space as the Monoliths too. (2 wide x 3 high) The rain is for visual effects only. It...
  3. TimeyMarey007

    PC Join via Steam isn't working (kinda)

    I searched for other threads like this. There were, but none were matching the problem I have. The one I have is actually more of a Steam-related problem than anything. When I click Join via Steam, the box appearing asking you which friend you want to invite doesn't appear for me. Due to that...
  4. TimeyMarey007

    PC Laser Pickaxe - Alternative to the Laser Drill

    Myself I am a pickaxe person, and I feel something is missing, an alternative to the Laser Drill. So, what is this? Exactly the Laser Drill, but with pickaxe stats (and minor changes) Drops from the Martian Saucer at a 1/10 rate. Stats: Damage: 35 Bonus: +10 range (I dunno how this can work...
  5. TimeyMarey007

    PC True Eye Staff

    The Moon Lord gives us two summoner staffs, Lunar Portal Staff and Rainbow Crystal Staff. Well, both are sentries and we don't get any normal staffs. I think we need an orthodox minion staff. The True Eye Staff is a new drop from the Moon Lord. Onto the stats: Damage: 77 Mana: 10 Velocity: 10...
  6. TimeyMarey007

    PC The Guide - More Quotes!

    Pretty much after you activate Hardmode, the Guide just has only two stuff to say if you click Help: "Make sure to smash any [demon/crimson] altar you can find. Something good is bound to happen if you do!" "Souls can sometimes be gathered from fallen creatures in places of extreme light or...
  7. TimeyMarey007

    [Vanity] Neckties! And bow ties too

    We know most of us here, if not all, have played Terraria for time, yes, choosing your characters, designing them, from the beginning or later on, etc. etc. But then, there was something what I always thought which was discriminated and therefore missing: Neckties and bow ties! Right now, we can...
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