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  1. NiteSeal

    Buying things with money in piggy bank

    This suggestion is simple, what I propose is that you can buy things from merchants, with all your money still in the piggy bank or safe. That way you don't have to keep going back from your piggy bank to the npc, instead you can buy things without any money on you! Basically when you buy...
  2. NiteSeal

    Creeper's and Eeyore's Sprites

    Hey there! Me and Eeyore Dude are making sprites, to help us practice on pixelating, so making suggestions will be easier ^-^ . You can ask for sprites of anything, ANYTHING, just make sure to give us a reference picture. We are not pro spriters, but we can dabble(try). we might even make some...
  3. NiteSeal

    WIP The Guardian Shield

    So all the negativity has caused me to close the poll and idea. so scrap this. because i got something better... Ok, so i have my first suggestion made on the forums, and its not really a good one, but, i might as well try. considering this is a WIP and i haven't really done much yet, i...
  4. NiteSeal

    PC Favorite pet, minion, lighter?

    What are your guys favorite Pets, Minions, and lighters (shadow orb, fairy, wisp)? mine are the Black cat, Sharknado, and fairy (i guess i use the wisp often, but since i loved 1.1, the fairy is special to me :3 this is pc, so you can still say things from console and mobile, but the poll...
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