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  1. bad_news

    Visual change to Rain Coat Zombies

    This is an extremely simple suggestion that would be easy to implement as well as hilarious. We all know how these guys have a hand, presumably of a zombie, in them, correct? What we don't know is where the hand came from. I'm proposing that Rain Coat Zombies have a chance to spawn with one of...
  2. bad_news

    New Blowgun/Blowpipe Ammunition and Ranged Lifesteal

    Most Terraria players have had the experience of picking up a blowpipe early game and finding seeds everywhere. Few people actually use it however, and for good reason; the only ammo types available for the blowpipe (and its only upgrade, the hardmode blowgun) are plain ol' seeds and poison...
  3. bad_news


  4. bad_news

    I am bad news. AMA

    I figure I'll jump on the bandwagon with everyone else. I'll answer most things, I'm pretty open; if I don't feel comfortable with a question I'll tell you. Otherwise, have fun asking (probably quite strange) questions.
  5. bad_news

    Console Change to Harpoon

    Yes, you read that correctly. I am suggesting a feature change for console despite not owning it. Don't look at me like that :(. This is an extremely simple suggestion: make the harpoon do extra damage (double?) to Orcas. It is a reference to the whaling industry (which, for the record, I...
  6. bad_news

    Giant Tree Varieties and Improvements.

    Giant Trees are one of the features of the new update that the builder types immediately took advantage of; there have been a great many treehouses and other structures based on them. However, they're dull, so I'm proposing some variety. Currently there are three types of giant trees: ones...
  7. bad_news

    HUD and functional Goggle upgrades

    Goggles (and Sunglasses, but that's for later) are obtainable early in game and work great as vanity throughout the game, but they're just that. I'd like to propose a functional upgrade line for them. First, though, I'd like to introduce solutions: crafted from 10 of a given potion at an imbuing...
  8. bad_news

    Obsidian Rose spawns naturally

    Really quick one: the Obsidian Rose should spawn naturally, a bit rarer than the Nature's gift in hell on ash blocks. It's quite simple but I think it would look very nice and would be a nice building asset. Alternate method: Fireblossom occasionally grows to be an obsidian rose, making it...
  9. bad_news

    Banners Wearable as Accessories

    Have you ever seen a character in a movie or some other kind of media wearing a cool thing and holding a battle standard? No? Yes? Either way, we should be able to do it! Banners should be equipable as accessories, giving no stats and serving only the purpose of vanity. Why? Because it would...
  10. bad_news

    Crossed Heart

    This is a pretty simple suggestion, but I couldn't resist the pun and the usefulness. I propose the panic necklace be tinkerable with the cross necklace; they're, as far as I can tell, the two most indirect bonus-giving items on hit (except maybe the black belt.) It would function the exact...
  11. bad_news

    Making Jester's Arrows Make Sense, or Swapping Chlorophyte Helmet Variants

    Just a minor nitpick, but one I feel would fit perfectly. Current Chlorophyte Headgear: - Melee - Ranged I simply propose these be swapped. Why? Simple: the current melee helmet looks like a jester's hat. Why is this relevant? Jester's Arrows. I really see no reason to not do this, and...
  12. bad_news

    Compilation of bad_suggestions

    I'm starting to accumulate enough threads that I feel this will be warranted, so here it is! I will continue to update it as I post new suggestions. Using All Seeds as Ammo HUD and functional Goggle Upgrades Giant Tree Variety and Improvement Making Banners Wearable Obsidian Rose spawning...
  13. bad_news

    Sniper Clip

    Not the best name, but this is something that I felt was needed. Sniper Clip Combat Accessory Rarity: Allows zooming like the Sniper Scope with any ranged weapon. Increases ranged damage by 15%, ranged critical chance by 10%, and ranged projectile speed by 10%. Gives a 20% chance not to...
  14. bad_news

    bad_news' pixel art and sprites

    A very incomplete collection of some sprites I've made for suggestions, modding, or my own entertainment. Also including a few by my friend who doesn't post here at the bottom. Enjoy! First, of course, my avatar. Fixed version of the above: Completed requests: All of the...
  15. bad_news

    Pixel Art Gatling Gun

    A sprite for an upgrade to the chain gun. Based on the Santa-NK1's arm. I'd appreciate suggestions to improve it and my spriting in general.
  16. bad_news

    Pixel Art Poorly made Plantera sword edit

    I threw together a few sprites from the game to try to make some kind of weapon and I got this. For those interested, it's Pumpking's arm, one of Plantera's hooks, and one of the chlorophyte power tools. I'm not even going to attempt to put it at a 45 degree angle. Any opinions would be...
  17. bad_news

    Frostguard Shield

    I appreciate any and all feedback! A proposal to add some uses to some accessories that didn't have them before and that synergize extremely well. Frostguard Shield-type Accessory Rarity: +8 defense +25 defense when below 25% health +Immunity to cold-related debuffs =Absorb some damage...
  18. bad_news

    Prismatic Gems, Vanity, and Tricks of the Light

    Currently the only function the Large Gems have is to show a marker over your head, and a part of a multiplayer gamemode. Given the amount of items crafted using gems, I think that using the large gems in some items would be interesting. Hence... Prismatic Gems [Placeholder] Material Stacks to...
  19. bad_news

    Death's Kiss and Brush With Fate - Accessories to Facilitate a New Playstyle

    NEW SUGGESTION ADDED - SEE END OF POST Just a quick suggestion for a tinkered item and an upgrade to it potentially. Note that neither of these would stack with any items that include any of their components. Death's Kiss Item Type: Accessory Rarity: Pink-Purple Effect: Releases a...
  20. bad_news

    WIP Divine Retribution - An endgame boomerang

    [Looking for suggestions and criticisms!] Of the existing classes of melee weapons, boomerangs feel like one of the most poorly represented. By late endgame the only viable boomerang is the Paladin's hammer, and its usage is highly situational. The only boomerang which comes close to the hammer...
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