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  1. SapphireSuicune

    What mod should I let's play?

    I want to start a let's play series and I don't know which mod to play. Obviously, there's Calamity but that has been let's played a lot. there are no promises I will actually even make any let's play depending on time
  2. SapphireSuicune

    Where would I find the extra projectile/dust for the Star Wrath

    I want to change the Star Wrath but I don't want all the dust and extra particles everywhere. Which files contain these images?
  3. SapphireSuicune

    Final Fantasy Music Pack

    Technically this isn't a 'texture pack', it's a wavebank, but I thought this would be the right place for it. As the title suggests, this wavebank replaces the music with songs from the Final Fantasy series (and other RPGs). Also, it can be like a "guess the song" on this thread to see if...
  4. SapphireSuicune

    Cool playthrough ideas?

    I've gotten kind of bored of regular playthroughs, so does anyone have any cool or challenging playthrough ideas?
  5. SapphireSuicune

    looking for someone to do mega mod playthrough

    I want someone to play with and just don't say anything stupid if you have a mic (or in the chat) (I'd rather not talk since I don't have a mic) and I have a limited steam account since my 2 games are gifts so you will need to enter my friend code: 393019079 mod list: Mod of Redemption Mod of...
  6. SapphireSuicune

    My (bad) art!

    I'm not very good at art, and my drawings aren't good, but I want to get good so they don't look as boring. So far I have 2 drawings. Both were made with paint.net
  7. SapphireSuicune

    The Zephyr Mod

    Hello everyone! This is a project I've been working on for a couple of months now, and it's still nowhere near done yet! I want this mod to be pretty cool. That will be hard though when I'm the only one working on it. (Some other people helped with sprites) So far I have some weapons (with...
  8. SapphireSuicune

    Ask a Terraria mod maker (that isn't good at spriting) anything! [AMA]

    Rules: 1. don't ask anything stupid (you can ask things that are funny, just not bad) 2. I may not answer your question if I don't want to 3. eat tacos if you want to
  9. SapphireSuicune

    Terraria Quiz!!

    I made a simple terraria quiz in visual studio and c#!
  10. SapphireSuicune

    Terraria Hardcore Let's Play

    So far I have 3 episodes, but more will be coming soon! Sorry the quality is pretty bad.
  11. SapphireSuicune

    Any ideas for builds?

    I want something to build and if anyone has any ideas i can try to build them and post them on here!
  12. SapphireSuicune

    Resolved what is the best farm for the blade staff?

    does anyone know a good way to get a blade staff? how big should it be and what should i use to kill the enemies?
  13. SapphireSuicune

    How do I import an image in Tedit?

    Ive heard of this but i dont know how
  14. SapphireSuicune

    can someone help make some sprites for my mod?

    i am working on a mod but i am absolute trash at making sprites. Does anyone want to make some sprites for my mod? :dryadsmile:
  15. SapphireSuicune

    Any tips for Hardcore mode?

    I just started a hardcore let's play on my channel and I don't want to die so does anyone have any tips for good weapons/armor/accessories? (I am playing on normal mode BTW)
  16. SapphireSuicune

    What is the Cool Whip's Snowflake's ID?

    I'm making a texture pack that has the Cool Whip involved and I want to change the snowflake.
  17. SapphireSuicune

    PC Looking for a pirate staff.

    I know the staff is a lot rarer, but if anyone is playing a class other than summoner and has one, I can trade for a gold ring, cutlass or both.
  18. SapphireSuicune

    how to make a weapon be sold by the traveling merchant

    i'm trying to make a weapon for a mod that is sold by the travelling merchant. does anyone know how?
  19. SapphireSuicune

    Cant beat wall of flesh as summoner

    I was super close to beating the wall but I ran out of room. I probably shouldn't have chose a small world ;( I have pretty much every buff possible except wrath so that might help. i have 5 imps and a snapthorn.
  20. SapphireSuicune

    Eye of Cthulhu losing large amounts of hp

    The Eye of Cthulhu spawned and it spawned with about a fourth of it's hp gone. I got it into it's second phase and then dropped to like 1/20 of its max hp. I am playing as a summoner and have a Snapthorn and a Finch Staff.
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