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  1. Gotcha!

    Is there a mod that disable the beam of light and evil when you beat the wall of flesh

    Whoops, I missed that your post was in the modding section. Yeap, never mind that idea then.
  2. Gotcha!

    Is there a mod that disable the beam of light and evil when you beat the wall of flesh

    You can edit your world with TEdit, set the world to Hardmode with it, and then defeat the WoF as you normally would. Due to the world already being in hardmode, you won't get the big V messing things up. -Pigman: Yes and no. You can always create your own corrupted areas.
  3. Gotcha!

    the item "g*psy robe" has a racial slur in it.

    The way I see it "Gypsy" doesn't have to mean anything racist; I double-checked this by googling the exact meaning of the word. It's very important to see in what context a word is used, and in Terraria "Gypsy" has nothing to do with a racist slur. If there was an NPC called "Gypsy" and if it...
  4. Gotcha!

    Character files are empty

    This is a nice one: https://yal.cc/r/terrasavr/
  5. Gotcha!

    Character files are empty

    Characters/maps seem to get corrupted sometimes if you don't shut down the game properly. Just in case: You(r friend) should exit through the options if you aren't already; don't press Alt+F4. Having your PC go on standby while the game is running is also a bad idea. If you (or your PC through...
  6. Gotcha!

    21 Questions (I'm judging you)!

    Hmm, I'm giving your judgment a 6 out of 10. 🤔 Here's a shiny nickel for your trouble. Don't spend it all in one place!
  7. Gotcha!

    21 Questions (I'm judging you)!

    What's your favorite Biome in Terraria? - Snow. I love snow in games. In real life not so much, because I'd like to get to places in my car in one piece. What's your second favorite Biome? - Ocean. Funnily enough I hate the ocean in real life and when it's sunny, because there's no shade there...
  8. Gotcha!

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    The underground desert is not as hard when you get used to the new traps. I got a tough time first, died often, got frustrated. Stopped playing, tried again the next day, explored the entire underground desert without dying once. (Expert mode) I just had to get good and get used to the new...
  9. Gotcha!

    Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Granite drops from granite enemies because these enemies are -made- out of granite. So there's no reason why Hoplites and Medusas should carry around marble. I get the feeling people are going a bit overboard on the 'everything-needs-to-be-renewable-in-a-single-world' thing. Every map contains...
  10. Gotcha!

    PC Is it still worth making arenas using the lizard dungeon traps in 1.4?

    If you're going for speedy killing to get to the highest wave possible, I'd say no. When you get these traps, you'll also have access to weapons powerful enough to easily get through the Pumpkin/Frost Moon. The traps kill too slow, and as you said, as long as enemies receive damage from traps...
  11. Gotcha!

    Torch God's Favor

    Indeed, you'll have to dodge some fireballs first, which isn't hard if you make an appropriate arena. Even so, the devs didn't want you to have underwater torches in easy mode, so you'll have to live with it.
  12. Gotcha!

    how to stop wraiths without redoing your whole base?

    When designing houses, my NPCs always live one story above the ground, ~10 tiles high, so wraiths and reapers can't reach them. The room on the ground floor is empty, aside from aesthetics. I also fill up any big gaps that might be hiding below the ground where I'm building, so enemies can't...
  13. Gotcha!

    PC Help my charater is replaced with a blank character

    I don't think anyone can help you at this point, since the damage has been done. To counter problems in the future, make sure you shut down the game properly when not playing (through the menu, not Alt+F4 etc.) and don't let your PC go into standby mode when the game is running. Not saying you...
  14. Gotcha!

    What inspired the Rod of Discord and its name?

    I once read that Red had regret adding this item to the game, not wanting players to be able to teleport around at a whim (or something like that, I can't remember, it's been a long time). It would be funny if the 'discord' here was between members of ReLogic, where some of them thought it was a...
  15. Gotcha!

    I'm scared for the future of Terraria and Relogic.

    These types of threads pop up from time to time. I'm not sure why people are so dramatic. Like you said, LuffeDeluXe, the game is huge now. It's such a big bag of content, as well as incredibly fun to play, people will keep coming back to it. And for those who want more, there are a lot of mods...
  16. Gotcha!

    Resolved Corrupt disk

    Please post some screenshots of this error. I want it to be clear what program is giving you this error, and what the error -exactly- is.
  17. Gotcha!

    Resolved Corrupt disk

    Is Windows telling you this? It'd be very wise to check your disk for errors.
  18. Gotcha!

    Resolved Corrupt disk

    If Steam is giving that error, then there's no problem with Terraria. Either your Steam installation is broken somehow, or there really is something wrong with your harddisk. - In Steam, click Steam -> Settings -> Downloads - Click Clear Download Cache See if that helps. If not, I'd completely...
  19. Gotcha!

    Mana Flower But For Health

    Your post is unreadable, man. Avoid using capital letters everywhere. Writing like this is not taught at your school for a very good reason. On-topic: Well, at least the title is clear enough. Not a bad idea perhaps, although I'd never sacrifice any of my other accessories for this.
  20. Gotcha!

    PC Ancient Chisel allowed in vanity slot

    They did it because apparently people were using them as extra storage. But yeah, as I've said elsewhere, the cure is worse than the disease.
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