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  1. toaster04

    Ask a rando builder anything

    I'm open to all questions, whether it be about my building career, what are my favorite things to do and/or desirable hobbies. Feel free to ask any types of questions as long as they aren't inappropriate ones. A couple notes: - I may not respond to all the questions as quickly since I don't...
  2. toaster04

    PC Clear Items option in Power Menu (Journey Mode)

    As 1.4 rolled in 3 months ago and everybody is out here enjoying the update, here is a player suggestion I've had for a while. On a second note to the Terraria forum mods, sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in. Clear Items in the power menu. Pretty cool right? As builders are provided...
  3. toaster04

    PC Bad input lag in-game.

    I've decided to return to Terraria and post my builds more often, but when I came back in-game, I tried to type commands/messages on multiplayer mode and recognized something very strange. I'll try to explain the problem to the best of my ability: but whenever I move, or when I type, keys don't...
  4. toaster04

    What's the difficulty of Master Mode in your opinion?

    So.. I'm writing this thread so I get to know you guys better, since 1.4 came out 2 months ago and everyone is currently enjoying Master Mode. Been seeing that people were saying Master Mode is (difficulty)! This is when I ask you the question: what difficulty is Master Mode in your opinion...
  5. toaster04

    PC toaster04's Eye Candy Build Showcase!

    Builds will be showcased in spoiler mode below: Enjoy these builds!
  6. toaster04

    PC Constant lag on multiplayer servers.

    Hello, so I am currently having an issue with playing on Terraria servers. It runs at a smooth 61 fps just fine in Singleplayer and servers with 10-20 players, but it can't handle the larger Terraria servers out there. I run on servers from 0-20 fps, almost unplayable so I can't build. Here are...
  7. toaster04

    PC toaster04's Build Collection 2

    Realm of Moonstone The Devil's House Ice Island Overgrown house
  8. toaster04

    PC Marathon Medalist Disable option doesn't appear in config.json?

    Hello, I'm using Vanilla Terraria and I want to disable the Marathon Medalist achievement. I can't seem to find it in's config.json.. Can anyone lend me a hand?
  9. toaster04

    toaster's Build Collection

    The Snowcap Spelunker's Seige Permafrosted Town-House Rustic Cozy Home Hand of the Darkness, The Purity Strikes Slowly
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