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  1. theobadeo22

    This is an introduction

    This is over a year due, I joined in October 2014, yeah. Anyways i'm Theo... hi. I'm here for the forum games, and none of my 5 threads are popular. I'm mostly interested in gaming, math, and science, mainly chemistry, astronomy, quantum physics, normal physics, and cosmology. I'm a PC Gamer...
  2. theobadeo22

    New class, Gravity

    Now before I begin, if this suggestion has already been done, I'm sorry, I didn't see anything while searching though Now with that out of the way, I present to you a new class. Gravity! I came up with this just thinking about throwing bunnies into slimes and know it's here. The first item...
  3. theobadeo22


    SO the rules of the game is that, somebody makes a situation and the next person says what the guy does. The person after that relpies with what happened and the next person has the role of the second person. Example:1st poster : You are Redigit coding some terraria and you get in jail somehow...
  4. theobadeo22

    WHen the community decides whats in Terraria

    TCF has stripped down terraria and know will add things to it, You just need to post an idea for a new Terraria, block, mob, boss, npc, item, mechanic, Sprites are not required Example: Mountain Dew When drank, it will kill everything on the screen except for you ALso restores 9999999999999...
  5. theobadeo22

    If you were the god of a universe,

    What would you do, By god i mean pretty much the same abilities of the Christian god except also a little bit like lucid dreaming and you could override any living things thinking at any moment I would make a planet where the lifeforms wouldnt reproduce, I would just make more every once in a...
  6. theobadeo22

    i just noticed something

    Type the konami code which is up up down down left right left right b a, (use arrow keys) and well, try it
  7. theobadeo22

    Supernova (not an event)

    This is a Lunar tier magic weapon which when you first fire it, it will act like a Magic Missile and go where your cursor goes. When you release the left click button it will explode like an Inferno Fork and low damaging stars will rain down from the sky. It should be crafted with something...
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