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  1. partitionpenguin

    [WIP] Project 1.1 - Quality of Life Improvements for Terraria 1.1!

    With the release of 1.4 being the end of Terraria updates, mods are now the biggest factor in increasing the longevity of the game. At the moment, most of the modding scene focuses on versions 1.3 and later, but the Project 1.1 team thinks there is still much to be enjoyed from previous...
  2. partitionpenguin

    tAPI Senpanther Modpack

    I'll begin this post by explaining that my friend @NecromelMEMO437 and I really wanted to tAPI mods. Thorium, Omnir's mod, Necropolis, etc, we wanted it back. After doing a bit of research, we figured it out. We were so excited to play! But of course, we needed some mods to play, so I did a bit...
  3. partitionpenguin

    PC Pizza, Tux, and Simon's FREE ITEMS shop

    Hi everyone, I noticed on the forums that a lot of people have opened their own trading shops, and I thought I would open one myself because over my 3 playthroughs, so many weapons have been acquired! I have a good 10 plat on each of my playthroughs, so I am in no need of money and I don't need...
  4. partitionpenguin

    A way to install tAPI after 1.3?

    I was wondering if there was a way someone could play tAPI mods after the 1.3 update. A few days before 1.3 updated, I uninstalled gamelauncher, and created a copy of the 1.2 binary. Thus when it updated, the 1.2 terraria file was kept in shape. And Exxo Avalon works too, which I am very happy...
  5. partitionpenguin

    Mage character disappeared

    Hi everyone, I was playing terraria today with my friend on my mage playthrough, and my computer suddenly crashed and restarted. I had some steam issues, which I then fixed and now terraria launches fine. However, I clicked on Single Player and the character from my mage playthrough...
  6. partitionpenguin

    Sun Lord

    EDIT: The woofron and moon wrath have been replaced with the superiword. After-party has been removed, as it is simply a nerfed version of the superiword. Hi everyone, Yesterday I defeated the moonlord in normal mode and I thought that it was an awesome challange fighting him with pre-moonlord...
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