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  1. Mister Creeper

    PC Turtle Armor Sprite Names?

    So I'm making a texture pack for myself and I need to know the all the sprite names for the Turtle armor? Anyone got a clue??
  2. Mister Creeper

    Sprites [Pre-Hardmode] Wooden Staff

    So I came up with a new Summoning weapon for early on summoners! Wooden Staff Damage: 5 Knockback: 3 (Very Weak) Uses 10 Mana Critical Chance: 4% Usage Time: 25 (Average) Tooltip: Summons an orb of Light to fight for you. Rarity: White Sell: 1 This will summon a ball of Light that will...
  3. Mister Creeper

    Sprites [Pre-Hardmode] New Summoning Weapon! Stone Wand

    So I had come up with this idea when I was reading @amenyoussef 's thread. Check out his thread below! https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/pre-hardmode-some-summoning-staffs-earlier-in-game.55730/ So here is a new early on Summoning weapon! Stone Wand Damage: 10 (Summon) Knockback...
  4. Mister Creeper

    Sprites Dyrnwyn

    Here's a new sword idea that was inspired from the British Isles legend, Dyrnwyn. Damage: 188 Slow Speed Strong Knockback 12% Critical Strike Chance Tooltip: "Wield the White Flame of the Heavens!" Causes Debuff "Heaven's Flames" which deal 25 DPS for 3 seconds. NOTE: Does not add time with...
  5. Mister Creeper

    WIP Sword Sprite

    Hey guys, I'm working on a sword sprite and I wanted some feedback on how it looks so far? Hope you like it!
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