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  1. GoodPro712

    tModLoader 1.4 Features/QoL/Mechanics

    1.4 Features/QoL/Mechanics is a mod pack mod that mod references the current 1.4 feature, mechanic, or QoL mods. This currently includes: Smart Doors Use Control to Quick Trash Download this in the in-game mod browser.
  2. GoodPro712

    tModLoader Use Control to Quick Trash

    Use Control to Quick Trash changes the quick trash button to Control rather than Shift. You would know if you were playing 1.4 Terraria then went back to modded and kept trying to quick trash with control. :p Github: GoodPro712/ControlTrash Discord: GoodPro712's Mods Go check out my other mods...
  3. GoodPro712

    tModLoader Breakable Chests

    Breakable Chests is a mod that allows the player to break a chest with items in it with the items dropping as they break it. Thanks LolXD87 for doing basically all the work. Version History: v1.0 - Initial release
  4. GoodPro712

    PC Sandstorm Cart

    When a sandstorm is pulling you into a minecarft that bounces you the other way you get a glitchy effect. Video:
  5. GoodPro712

    tModLoader Smart Doors (From 1.4)

    Smart Doors is a feature from 1.4 where doors automatically open. A lot of people playing 1.4 that come back to tModLoader will have to get used to no smart doors however this changes that and adds the feature in a mod. This mod is not open source as it uses code directly from Terraria's code...
  6. GoodPro712

    PC Liquid Issues

    Im back with a couple more bug reports.. Liquid does not go past halftile blocks as seen in the image below. Lighting mode: Retro
  7. GoodPro712

    PC Performance Issues With Zooming

    When zoomed in, my fps is halved, which doesn't make sense at all to me since when the game is zoomed, I would think it shouldnt have to draw stuff off-screen.
  8. GoodPro712

    Achievement Preview

    I suggest to disable the suggested achievement to do UI if all achievements are complete. If all achievements are complete, this UI becomes useless.
  9. GoodPro712

    PC Journey Mode Sliders

    I feel that it would be a good addition to allow clicking on certain points of the sliders that are marked. For example, if I am using the time speed slider and I want to set the speed to x12, I can press on the "x12" text. This would work for the Time Speed Slider, Rain Control Slider, Wind...
  10. GoodPro712

    Resolved Low FPS with Time Speed Slider

    I get as low as 2 fps when the time speed slider is at x12 and I get 1-2 fps when it's at max (x24)
  11. GoodPro712

    Working as Designed FPS Counter Toggling Not Saving

    Description The FPS counter toggling doesn't save during exits. How to reproduce Open Terraria, press F10 to turn the fps counter on, press exit, open up Terraria again and the fps counter is off. Terraria Version:
  12. GoodPro712

    PC Red Jittering.

    Random red flashes when changing from light to dark areas. Lighting Mode: Retro Frame skip: On Terraria version: v1.4.0.2 Normal: Red flicker:
  13. GoodPro712

    tModLoader Music Boxes in Vanity Slots

    Music Boxes in Vanity Slots makes music boxes able to work in vanity slots. Pretty simple mod. Discord: Join the GoodPro712's Mods Discord Server! Github: GoodPro712/VanityMusic Patreon: GoodPro712 is creating several Terraria mods via tModLoader. | Patreon
  14. GoodPro712

    tModLoader Always a Prefix

    Always a Prefix makes every item you obtain to choose the prefix you selected in the mod config instead of a randomized value. YOU HAVE TO SET A VALUE IN THE MOD'S CONFIG OR ELSE THIS MOD WON't DO ANYTHING Navigate to the mod config via Mods > find Always a Prefix > Press the config button (a...
  15. GoodPro712

    tModLoader No Rain

    No Rain stops any occurrence of normal rain starting. When the rain would have started now sends "Rain skipped" to the chat. Github: GoodPro712/NoRain Discord: Join the GoodPro712's Mods Discord Server! Patreon: GoodPro712 is creating several Terraria mods via tModLoader. | Patreon
  16. GoodPro712

    tModLoader iFrame Counter

    iFrame Counter is a mod that counts the number of iFrames you have left. The amount left will be drawn by default in the center of the screen, however, you are able to change its position via mod config. You are also able to instantly disable it via the mod config. This mod is client-sided. No...
  17. GoodPro712

    tModLoader Inventory Locks

    Inventory Locks is a mod to help you organize your inventory better. Ever wanted to stop items going in your hotbar but have a free slot? This mod allows you to alt left click (the default favorite hotkey) a blank spot in the player's inventory (had to method swap oof). When favoriting a blank...
  18. GoodPro712

    tModLoader Falling Mud

    Falling Mud makes mud fall exactly like sand! You might be thinking, "damn the jungle is gonna be screwed". The jungle grass keeps the jungle perfectly fine. Discord: Join the GoodPro712's Mods Discord Server! Github: GoodPro712/FallingMud Thanks so much to Blushie's old code that allowed me...
  19. GoodPro712

    tModLoader Everything Deserves a Theme

    Hi, I'm Lonely Star. Massive, massive thanks to GoodPro712, through him I am able to present you one of the unique mods! Hi, I'm GoodPro712. I coded this whole mod and set it up on here, Github and Discord. I'm happy to present to you EDAT! Github: GoodPro712/EDAT Discord: Join the GoodPro712's...
  20. GoodPro712

    tModLoader Save Control

    Save Control adds a UI button in game to the top left of your screen that when pressed saves your progress. In singleplayer, it will save both your world and player. In multiplayer it will only save your player. Save Control also adds a button to the in-game settings menu. This button exits the...
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