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  1. borg2222

    How is Enemy HP affected/amplified in Multiplayer?

    What's the formula for calculating it? I need to test something with 4 players.
  2. borg2222

    The New 1.4.1 Achievements are out on Steam! (Not in-game yet)

    Title says all - as of 17:55 BST They're not released in game yet but you can view them, maybe do some preparation before? hopefully no one has said this yet
  3. borg2222

    tModLoader Is there a mod on tModLoader that is similar to Minecraft's Creative Mode?

    I'm looking for something that can basically just spawn in any item I want into my inventory. This is because I'm actually really lazy and I want to try out different items from mods I have downloaded without having to put effort in
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