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  1. FIuff

    Placing a (regular) torch underwater

    This video basically shows it: It was a Journey Mode world as well. I was unable to replicate the glitch.
  2. FIuff

    Not Getting "Dead Men Tell No Tales" Achievement

    I've died twice now to a Dead Man's chest, both times in multiplayer, and both well within the time limit of 10 seconds, one being instantaneous. I haven't gotten the achievement either time, and I checked to make sure I don't already have it.
  3. FIuff

    NPCs not selling pylon

    I've been trying to get the forest pylon for a while, but the merchant, zoologist, and golfer won't sell it. They're in the forest in a town with 3 NPCs so they should be selling it. Edit: it worked after I killed the zoologist Edit 2: I heard that the happiness system was changed so that...
  4. FIuff

    Terraria: Derpified

    Terraria: Derpified The creation that hopes to exist. (Note: This currently isn't a mod you can download and work hasn't been put into coding it. I might ask for help if and when I start coding it, but other than that this will be a project by me.) Table of Contents - The Idea - The Derpling...
  5. FIuff

    Pixel Art Fluff's Art Sanctuary

    Hey look I actually did another big thing I've been wanting to create an art thread for a while now just to show off some stuff, so I created this. I kind of wanted more text here, but I guess that sums it up pretty well. And, of course, it wouldn't be something I created unless it had a...
  6. FIuff

    Rename "Holy Protection" to "Divine Intervention"

    The title basically speaks for itself. "Holy Protection" kind of feels like a lame name to me and a couple of other people I've talked to, and I feel that it would be much better if it was named "Divine Intervention" or something along the lines of that.
  7. FIuff

    WIP Terraraces - Adding races to Terraria I guess

    That's right! It's me. The fluffy derpling is back at it again with the center-aligned text! This probably won't get as much traffic as my other stuff, but I don't really care as long as I can get people on it to balance it because I really don't know how to do balance right. Basically this is...
  8. FIuff

    50% chance to spawn in with tin items instead of copper

    Basically, because you can either have tin or copper worlds and each character spawns in with copper tools, I thought that it might be a good idea for it to be 50/50 where the character has the chance of spawning with tin items instead of copper
  9. FIuff

    Pixel Art Derpify Me

    The thread is back open! So basically I had an idea for a thread, and for some spriting practice with getting things together. Therefore, I've decided to make a thread! This thread has one meaning: To turn either avatars or other things into derplings, such as characters from video games...
  10. FIuff

    Ultimate Expert Guide

    The Ultimate Expert Guide (this is a joke} This is a guide for expert mode in Terraria. This guide will go over the following: - Starting out - Every Pre-Hardmode Biome (Descriptions of biome-specific enemies as well) - Every Pre-Hardmode Boss - Every Pre-Hardmode Event - Start of Hardmode -...
  11. FIuff

    Ask a Fluff Anything

    Ask a Fluff Anything I decided to make my own AMA, so here are some things about it: I will not be in any character or whatnot. I'm just doing this because I can't come up with titles easily. Don't break the rules of TCF, but I will be fine with whatever I might not instantly reply unlike...
  12. FIuff

    Casual Ultimate Music Playlist

    The Ultimate Music Playlist For anyone wondering, here is the link to it: Ultimate music playlist - YouTube What is it? The ultimate music playlist is a playlist made by me that anyone can go to if they want to listen to the music I've...
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