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  1. Battle Bee

    Sprites The Secret Armory of the Arms Dealer - More weapons from the Arms Dealer!

    For an arms dealer, the Arms Dealer really doesn't have many guns to sell. What's the point of an arms dealer if he doesn't have any arms? I'm here to resolve that! This suggestion is to make the Arms Dealer more than just an NPC for restocking on ammo, while also filling in some of the gaps in...
  2. Battle Bee

    Conveyors should move enemies

    I honestly can't see a reason why conveyor belts can't carry enemies along. It's not like being able to build better farms would break the game. So yeah. Basically it.
  3. Battle Bee

    "Tactical" Reloads - Because reloading is a way of life

    This suggestion is sponsored by the Tediore corporation, the ultimate in gun reloading. Why use magazines when you can throw your guns like grenades? _____________________________________ Reloading in Terraria! Before you punch me in the face for suggesting it, stay a while and listen. Out...
  4. Battle Bee

    Timer recipe change

    I think having the timers require watches to craft is kind of unnecessary and inconvenient. Their recipes could be altered to only require iron bars and wire. The wire cost could represent the timer itself - 1s timers need 1 wire, 3s timers need 3, and so on. If more timers are added, they...
  5. Battle Bee

    Remove the Laser Drill's axe ability

    The fact that the Laser Drill can cut trees is really annoying. When you're digging up some blocks on the surface with it while Smart Cursor is on, you automatically pop every tree nearby. This is really frustrating to work around, because you might have a tree next to your house which you...
  6. Battle Bee

    Celestial enemies and Moon Lord should drop money

    Seriously, I have no idea why the hardest enemies in the whole game don't drop any coins on death. I think all Celestial enemies should drop at least 10 silver on death, and the Moon Lord at least 50 gold and the Flying Dutchman too! Simple, really.
  7. Battle Bee

    Star Wrath's sound is annoying

    I don't use headphones while playing games, and the Star Wrath still hurts my ears. Imagine the standart Fallen Star noise while one is falling, and then imagine it playing 30 times a second. The Star Wrath's sound effects should either be toned down, or changed completely. It's hard to use the...
  8. Battle Bee

    [Sprite] Concrete

    Concrete is a light grey block with a smooth, but not too smooth, look. Crafting: (Requires Blend-o-Matic) 1x Stone Block 1x Sand = 2x Concrete Blocks There's not a lot of smooth-looking blocks fit for building modern structures, and Gemspark Blocks look way too cyberpunky for this...
  9. Battle Bee

    Dye Trader should sell special dyes after you've gotten them

    The Dye Trader should sell you the dyes you get from Strange Plants after you've already gotten them. For example, he should start selling Hades dye for ??? gold once I got Hades dye as a reward. Simple, reduces grind.
  10. Battle Bee

    Fall damage-negating end-game armor

    I usually don't wear wings, because the UFO is better in virtually every way. It's kind of silly that, unless you have wings, you can get killed by falling off a 4-story building when you're wearing armor made from pieces of the sun and can survive rockets to the face. I think Hallowed armor...
  11. Battle Bee

    Correct portal colors

    In Portal, left click shoots a blue portal, and right click shoots an orange one. But the colors for the Portal Gun in Terraria are reversed, for some reason. Left click shoots orange, right click shoots blue. This is quite confusing, especially at first. A simple fix would be great.
  12. Battle Bee

    End-game Ranged weapons are boring

    Melee users get swords that shoot cats and rain down stars. Magic users get a rainbow death laser. Ranged users get.. a machine gun. And a bad rocket launcher. The SDMG and Celebration are really uninteresting weapons compared to anything else the Moon Lord drops. Especially the SDMG - it's...
  13. Battle Bee

    Allow walls to blend in with sloped blocks

    If you don't understand what I'm saying, take a look at this: As you can see, there is a wall "overflow" going on. The background walls do not fit into the sloped blocks, and it looks bad. So please, fix this problem. It's really hard to use sloped blocks for outside walls because of it.
  14. Battle Bee

    Sprites! - More Celestial-Tier Items

    While each of them are unique, the amount of weapons you can craft from Solar, Vorter, Stardust and Nebula Fragments is kind of underwhelming. There's not a single end-game spear or a slow firing heavy hitter weapon, for example. So, I suggest more weapons! All of them are crafted with 18...
  15. Battle Bee

    The Moon Lord (Normal) must be nerfed

    The normal difficulty Moon Lord was already overpowered for a lot of people. Even with the overpowered Phantasm and quite a bit of cheese, I had a lot of trouble beating him for the first time. Now it's almost impossible, with melee being probably the only reliable option against him. This...
  16. Battle Bee

    Lowered banner drop rate

    So instead of the original 1.2 RNG-based banner drops, we now have 1.3''s milestone-based banner drops. This is an amazing change, 100% support, but there is one big problem; banners drop way too often. After every Solar Eclipse, I get at least 6 banners, and I have no place to put them. They...
  17. Battle Bee

    Medusas are cheap :red:

    (...Well, that's an interesting title.) I don't know the plural of Medusa, so I'm going to go with Medusas. I have died to off-screen Medusas stoning me and causing me to fall to my death thrice, now. They are probably one of the cheapest, if not THE cheapest, enemies in the entire game. If...
  18. Battle Bee

    You can reveal most of the map with Capture mode

    If you take a snapshot of the entire map using Camera mode, you get... ...this. It reveals everything on the world that emits light. It's not as powerful as revealing EVERYTHING, but it's still cheaty. It's not exactly a bug I think, which is why I didn't post it as a bug report.
  19. Battle Bee

    Burst-Fire Weapons

    I have a simple question. How can I make a weapon burst-fire like the Clockwork Assault Rifle?
  20. Battle Bee

    The T:OW Soundtrack

    So obviously, T:OW is going to have its own seperate soundtrack. And from the 2 trailers we've gotten, we can vaguely guess how T:OW is going to sound like. If I had to guess, the first one is the Corruption, while the second is a boss theme. I quite like the tracks in these videos...
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