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    Fixing the Musket.

    A bizarre part of the game, that is most likely an artifact from older versions, is the Musket: It's just that. A normal musket. And yet, to obtain it, you have to smash a Shadow Orb. This is quite weird for several reasons: It's Crimson counterpart is the Undertaker, which is has a name and...
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    Placeable weapon improvement and new placed weapons.

    The game has a few placeable weapons: The Snowball Launcher, the Cannon, and the Bunny Cannon. While they're typically useful, they, as a game mechanic, are clearly underused. On top of this, only one is really practical, as one is a rare drop from a monster that can't spawn on the main building...
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    WIP Cyborg Improvements! Useful Nanites! And...You know where this is already going on.

    Right now, the Cyborg doesn't feel like it's cool enough, as he doesn't have some sort of unique gimmick, only a select few of his non-rocket-related merchandise isn't venity (And one of those items is already dropped by Granite mobs, of whihc one already has a statue), and Nanites are...
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    WIP New Moon Lord drops, and Celebration replacement.

    Pretty much exactly what it says on the title. A few things that I found to be unfair about the Moon Lord's drops are that: -There are 3 melee drops, but only 2 drops for the other classes. -The celebration is lame. -The minion drops are all sentries. -None of the ranged weapons that it drops...
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    WIP Improving ammo made with Empty Bullets.

    Empty Bullets are available once Hardmode starts, and all of the materials it is crafted with are sold rather late into the game, but only 3 bullets made from it (High-Velocity, Exploding, and Confetti bullets) do anything other than inflicting debuffs, most of which are rather... lackluster...
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    WIP A new use for Exploding Bunnies.

    As Explosive Bunnies are crafted with Dynamite and a bunny, it means that it can be crafted as soon as the demolitionist arrives, even through their only use is to shoot them from a Bunny Cannon, which is only available in HM. It obviously means that, for a good chunk of the game, they are...
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