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  1. Fabsol

    tModLoader The Calamity Mod needs YOU to sprite!

    Does your spritework not get enough representation? Do you want to be part of a mod team without the hassle of coding? Well, today may be your lucky break! The Calamity Mod (http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/released-wip-calamity-mod.44065/) is a Released Work-in-Progress mod...
  2. Fabsol

    tModLoader Looking for another coder for the Calamity Mod.

    Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a co-programmer for the Calamity Mod. You will be credited as an author for this mod as well if you can help. This would entail programming for the following: Basic items. NPCs (enemies, town NPCs, etc.). Bosses (if possible). Weapons (desired...
  3. Fabsol

    Boss sprite for Calamity Mod Help!

    Hello everyone, This is Drew, the lead coder of the Calamity Mod, and I would like to ask for help with animating the upcoming Plaguebringer Goliath boss! The boss is fully programmed and all we have left to do is the boss animation sprite sheet. Also, I am looking for fairly experienced...
  4. Fabsol

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Latest Version is on the Mod Browser MEGA download (Main Mod, No Calamity Music) - MEGA MEGA download (Music Mod, Calamity Music) - MEGA Please be advised: - Download the Main Mod AND Music Mod if you want Calamity Music in your game! - If you don't want Calamity Music (due to limited RAM or...
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