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  1. GalladeGaming

    Plasma Shortsword Martian Madness Drop

    Hello Terrarians! Today I want to present a suggestion to a Martian Madness drop, the Plasma Shortsword. It would be a 1/9 drop chance from a Martain Saucer. I made it deal 190 (Thanks DatPedro!) melee damage because it is a shorstsword and should be powerful if it is to be used at all. It is a...
  2. GalladeGaming

    My worst pre-hardmode moments!

    Hello! today I wanted to share with you the worst things that happened to me in Terraria pre-hardemode. This is based of my current world (expert mode) with a new character. I had slime rain event when i was trying to build a house for a dye trader. I die about five times to pinky combined...
  3. GalladeGaming

    Slime Staff crafting recipe

    Summoners have it rough in the Terraria world, especially at the beginning when they need a slime staff. Therefore, I thought the slime staff could have a crafting recipe. It would cost 10 wood and requires a slime to be nearby (not just gel because that would require you to kill a slime)
  4. GalladeGaming

    Guide to the Drill Containment Unit.

    1. Make a new world. 2. Go to the Corruption/Crimson and smash 1 Shadow Orb/Crimson Heart with a hammer. 3. Wait for a meteorite to fall and mine at least 120 meteorite ore. turn that ore into 40 Meteorite bars. 4. Place lava on water/water on lava until you get 40 obsidian. 5. Go to the...
  5. GalladeGaming

    Hi Everybody!

    Hi there, I'm GalladeGaming, and I like video games! I've been registered for a few months now, but I haven't been very active so hi. I usually play Terraria, Minecraft, Poke'mon, and more. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :redmunch:. See you later alligator! (Bad closing statement is...
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