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  1. Niranufoti

    [Guide] Logic Gates: Order of Operations, Smoke and how to prevent it

    topSince there has seemingly been some confusion about when logic gates emit smoke, and more generally, about how they interact and when they interact the way they're supposed to, I want to clarify some things. Some of this has been said by other people in other places (shoutout to @Statue of...
  2. Niranufoti

    PC Serializing data - save wire, space and nerves

    headingSerializing data for compact transmission Table of Contents Introduction The Transistor The Telegraph Serializing Deserializing The Future introductionIntroduction Ladies and gents, today I decided to get off my lazy :red: and actually build something I had in mind. Imagine this: You...
  3. Niranufoti

    Changing clothes style at the dresser

    Title basically says it, but allow me to clarify: Of all the things chosen during character creation, many can be changed: hair style, hair color, shirt color, undershirt color, pants color, shoes color and now even your gender. The only appearance aspects that I haven't yet found a way to...
  4. Niranufoti

    What forum theme do you use?

    Title and poll say it all. Which theme do you prefer? I like the Underground one best. Glowshrooms FTW.
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