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  1. Graydee

    tModLoader More dialogue.

    Have you ever felt like NPCs in terraria feel soulless with the same dialogue over and over? Well, then this mod is for you! This mod adds over 100 new lines of dialogue to various NPCs, including talking about other NPCs, the weather, and events. Note that that is not all (there are over 100...
  2. Graydee

    tModLoader Gambler NPC

    They say gambling is the sport of kings... Hello all, It's Graydee with another small mod. This time adding a new NPC: The gamber! The gambler will spawn in your town if you have 1 gold or more, and sells 4 different "Coin boxes" Copper chest, 10 silver Silver Lockbox, 50 silver Gold...
  3. Graydee

    tModLoader Mysterious Altars

    Will you tempt fate? Hello, it's Graydee, with a relatively small mod. This mod adds a couple of new structures, which can be activated as a gamble, to either make your life...
  4. Graydee

    tModLoader Wildlife Mod

    Hello. It's Graydee, back with another small mod. The Wildlife Mod This mod aims to add various PASSIVE animals and plants to make your world feel more alive. It will also add drops from the npcs (and MAYBE 1 or 2 new potions from the plants) It will not add that much content, but a few things...
  5. Graydee

    tModLoader Graydee's mini mods

    Hello. Welcome to my new thread of mini mods. These are all mods that are too small to justify their own forum page, so I compile them here. I plan a lot of these over the summer, but right now only one is finished enough to be released. The point of these mods is to add non-generic stuff, and...
  6. Graydee

    Modding hub discord.

    Hello, it's Graydee, introducing the Mod hub discord. The discord is for talking about mods, but mostly for an easy hub to all mod's forum threads and discords. This is to make finding mods (and their attached info areas) easier to find out about. Link here. Thanks for checking it out, and...
  7. Graydee

    tModLoader Better Combat

    Hello. Welcome to the thread for my new mod: Better combat! (Before you ask, reloading with guns is right-clicking) This mod aims to drastically change the way you play Terraria, with much more nuance and strategy required in combat. Ever get tired of the basic combat system? How every class...
  8. Graydee

    tModLoader Lost Ruins

    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/au7qrPu Hello. My name is Graydee, and I've made some mods in the past, such as Crystilium, Morechestloot, and Better Yoyos. But I've never tried anything truly ambitious. Until now. Introducing: LOST RUINS MOD This mod will mostly focus around 2 main...
  9. Graydee

    tModLoader More chest loot

    Hi, my name is Graydee. As a fairly experienced modder, I noticed that many chests just didn't have enough unique, interesting loot (like granite, mushroom, etc) So i decided to make a small mod to fix that. Teaming up with my good friend @Some Schmo , we're creating a fairly small but cool mod...
  10. Graydee

    tModLoader Better yoyos

    You ever try to do a yoyo playthrough, only to discover that almost all vanilla yoyos are boring? Well, look no further for the solution Introducing better yoyos, a mod that makes more than half of vanilla yoyos have special effects! The download is on the mod browser on TModloader Also...
  11. Graydee

    tModLoader Auralite mod

    Welcome to the page for my in development mod, Auralite. This mod will add 4 post moonlord dimensions, with the use of the alternate dimensions mod by jopojelly. One for each lunar pillar, there will be plenty to explore and find in year. The recruitment scale: Green means we need them Yellow...
  12. Graydee

    tModLoader Crystilium mod.

    Welcome to the page for my mod, This mod adds a new biome, the crystal biome, packed with fun goodies. At 104 items, it is fairly big WE HAVE A DISCORD Want to report bugs directly, ask about the mod, talk to the devs, or anything like that? Click below. https://discord.gg/VErP5E3 Dev...
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