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  1. CrusaderAether

    Roman Soldier Gladiator Armor

    I decided to turn the gladiator armor into a more plated version. I also gave it a new color palette, as well as a new helmet (Hoplite was not changed though as the original gladiator armor fits it best)
  2. CrusaderAether

    Pixel Art Yet another basic sprite I've made

    Decided to create a round shield today :D
  3. CrusaderAether

    Music Triumph of the Aasimar

    So I decided to try making music again. Hope you enjoy :D
  4. CrusaderAether

    I murderized the solar pillar without getting hit. Ask me anything!

    lol might as well make a new ama now that I pulled off no hitting the solar pillar in mm ftw My no hit (for proof):
  5. CrusaderAether

    Pixel Art New Pixel Art I Made!

    You know what, I'm gonna start posting all of my new pixel art :D
  6. CrusaderAether

    Texture Pack The YouTubers Texture Pack!

    NOTE: THERE ARE TWO FILES BELOW. THE ONE MARKED YOUTUBERS1-8 IS THE OFFICIAL 1.4 VERSION, WHILE THE ONE MARKED TEXTUREPACK IS THE 1.3 VERSION!! Hello there! It's me again, this time with a slightly larger texture pack! I've been meaning to make a texture pack for my Excalibur, but I didn't want...
  7. CrusaderAether

    lol The OSOK arena didn't load

    This was surprisingly easy to make, even for a pedguin video
  8. CrusaderAether

    More Silver-Looking Palladium

    Palladium may form red or orange compounds, but the actual color of it is a color more akin to silver or platinum. Because of that, I decided to give the palladium armor the same color palette as silver armor, as well as all three of the weapons (ore, bar, and tools will be recolored later)...
  9. CrusaderAether

    The Not-so-Plated Iron Armor Resprite!

    Hey there! So recently, I've been retexturing a lot of sprites for my own personal use (check out my streams and videos the entire game looks like modified vanilla lol) and today I decided that the iron armor needed a rework, as the armor, despite being marked as chainmail, looks a lot like...
  10. CrusaderAether

    I made some Terraria races!

    So I got bored one day and decided that making a few Terraria races might be fun! So as such, I did! Below is a vanity showcase of 16 races you can make yourself. Enjoy! Link:
  11. CrusaderAether

    Resolved Any way to freeze time for photo mode?

    Hi there! Just a small content creator here, and I've been having trouble with thumbnails recently. I try to get the highest quality assets possible for my thumbnails, but it's nigh impossible to do so with shots of me, say, swinging a terra blade or something. I was wondering if there is a way...
  12. CrusaderAether

    My Personal MegaPack!!!

    Aight aight aight I realize now what I did was wrong. I probably shouldn't have posted this here, and I'm getting a mod to delete the thread for me. If there's any way I can make it up to y'all please message me, as I don't feel right just deleting this and forgetting about it.
  13. CrusaderAether

    Just a small wood armor resprite

    Hey there! Today I just wanted to put together a nice little texture pack that changes the basic wood armor into a slightly roman footsoldier inspired armor set! If this gets enough traction I'll release different wood armors as well, but for now it's just this! Note: This does not change the...
  14. CrusaderAether

    The Minecraft Tools and Weapons Pack!!!

    So I realized recently that I couldn't find a single Minecraft texture pack for Terraria (edit: I just did a few hours afterward, but it overhauled the entire game, and although it looked nice, it wasn't what I was really wanting), which caused me to make this monstrosity because Minecraft has...
  15. CrusaderAether

    How to Melee Effectively

    Introduction I play melee a LOT. Ever since 1.4 came out, it's been my main class, and I like to consider myself a decent player in this class. This short little "guide" of sorts is here to show the weapons and equipment I recommend for each stage of progression, as well as how to use each...
  16. CrusaderAether

    Is this something new in Overhaul, or have people known about this bug?

    So I've been playing Overhaul with other people recently, and during said times I've found out about a bug that I'm not sure if anyone else knows about (granted I haven't really looked around so). Basically, the quick action button is broken where there are two people in a server. You can bypass...
  17. CrusaderAether

    Terra Blade Particle ID

    Anyone know what the ID of the terra blade particle is? I'm not talking about the terra beam, but the fire stuff behind it.
  18. CrusaderAether

    Terraria DEATH SWAP

    This... hasn't been done on YouTube before, surprisingly. Me and my friends are the first to do it! Anyways, here are the links to the first two episodes! Episode 1: Episode 2:
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