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  1. KBM-Quine

    PC Texture pack Bug

    i've noticed a bug while updating my pack here. when unloading the pack, some things fail to unload. namely tiles and trees. for this i load the pack after starting the game, load into a world, quit, unload the pack and reload in to a world.
  2. KBM-Quine

    tModLoader Dye Hard

    Dye Hard v1.2 **Requires Shader Library v2.1.2** you can get Shader Library Here made for TModloader v0.11.7.2 Dye Hard is a mod aiming to expand on the default dyes by adding a plethora of colors to most of the base dyes. Dyes there are currently 566 dyes added by this mod, here you can find...
  3. KBM-Quine

    mobs dropping common blocks

    As the title would suggest, i would enjoy it if there were more mobs that dropped common blocks. my reasoning behind it is i like building but i really hate having to rip up a biome just for building blocks. in essence this would make the blocks renewable without having to bring more from...
  4. KBM-Quine

    PC hq2x and other Image filter packs

    now that texture pack support has been finialized, i wanted bring back one of my favorite texture packs from 1.2. using the programs provided on the thread from TO, i was able to make a version compatible with 1.4. all credit goes to @NanoPi for making the original pack and scripts. if you would...
  5. KBM-Quine

    firework cannon

    ever since i found out fireworks do damage to mobs, i wanted to to use them without having to set them up first, and so i propose the firework cannon. - it would be at par with the snowman cannon and use either fireworks (of any color) or rockets (of any type) as ammo, effectively firing...
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