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  1. Brick Creeper

    Brick's Biome Compilation

    - Brick's Biome Compilation - Hello Everyone! I have a dilemma. I love creating ideas for Terraria. I even spend time on a wiki (http://terrariafanideas.wikia.com/) dedicated to Terraria ideas. My favorite types of ideas are biome suggestions. They are so awesome, and I love seeing the...
  2. Brick Creeper

    Mysterious Symbol? (Dungeon Defenders 2 Meets Terraria)

    When the trailer for the new crossover (which looks awesome!) was released, I didn't take much interest in the symbol above the Terraria portal. But then, when I was looking at the Dungeon Defenders 2 screenshot, I saw this... Is it just something to show that the games are connected, or...
  3. Brick Creeper

    WIP The Depression: A Land of Sadness (Alt. Corruption)

    Hello members of TCF! Before I start I would like to thank @Snickerbobble, @Zoomo, @Vikri, and many others for giving me inspiration to make this biome! Thanks guys! I know what you might be thinking, "Oh great, another Corruption alternate that will never be added to the game". I have to...
  4. Brick Creeper

    Chlorofright: A new way to get Chlorophyte

    Hello members of TCF! Today I bring you my newest suggestion, the Chlorofright! Many beginners have a hard time with Chlorophyte. Either it's finding it or trying to get enough of it. This suggestion is supposed to fix that problem while still making it a challenge to obtain. Once Plantera has...
  5. Brick Creeper

    More Beams + Pillars

    Hello members of TCF! Today I bring you my newest suggestion, More Beams. So far there is only one type of beam and that is the Wooden Beam. With only one type it can severely limit how you use it. Let's say you want to make a haunted house out of Ebonwood. If you wanted to use beams in the...
  6. Brick Creeper

    Story World of Pain

    Hello members of TCF! Today I'm going to be writing a story about @Vikri's Torment biome! Hopefully I will make more stories for other peoples suggestions, but that's for another day. ;) Note: This story revolves around the Torment. The Torment and all related ideas belonging to @Vikri! But...
  7. Brick Creeper

    Brick's Wall of Minor Suggestions

    Hello people of TCF! Brick Creeper Here! Today I'm going to make a list of all the somewhat minor changes I think should be implemented into the game. Note -If one of the suggestions I posted here is a the same/similar to someone else's it was either a accident or a very modified version of it...
  8. Brick Creeper

    (oh no, another hello thread) Hello people of TCF!

    Good, if you made it this far I congratulate you! I know what you might be thinking, another hello thread, well your right, its is. So if you want to leave, you may do so now. With that said, Hello everybody! My name is Brick Creeper. I'm a teenager but would like to keep my gender disclosed...
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