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  1. Rosterdam

    Resolved Discord Server?

    I can’t seem to find the link to the Official Discord Server... halp plz?
  2. Rosterdam

    Resolved [Switch] Crimson/Corruption/Hallow, Can they spread through walls and rope?

    Can the infectious biomes spread through walls as well? Like, background walls. Or rope? Thanks for the help! Also, Hardmode on expert is way harder than I thought it’d be!
  3. Rosterdam

    Resolved [Switch] Unable to craft Angler Tackle Bag

    Has anyone been able to craft the Angler Tackle Bag? I have the High Test Fishing Line, Tackle Box and Angler Earring. I’m right in front of Tinker’s Workshop with all item unequipped but in my inventory.
  4. Rosterdam

    Switch Pet Magic Lantern not appearing.

    I’ve tried turning the console off for a while and back on, restarting terraria, but my pet Magic Lantern still isn’t showing. (The one bought from the Skeleton Merchant.) lol I promise I’m not purposely looking for bugs... I’ve submitted it on the Bug form. I unequipped dyes but no help. Anyone...
  5. Rosterdam

    Switch Imp Staff minions not indefinite?

    When I spawn the Imps, they despawn after a couple of minutes or so. Though when I spawn the hornets, they stay spawned indefinitely until I die, or reload the world. I’ve played mobile and PC but can’t remember if that’s normal. You guys know about this? Thanks!
  6. Rosterdam

    Switch Fluids are flickering!

    All my fluids are flickering and I don’t know why! The entire world does it! Even after restarting and reloading.
  7. Rosterdam

    Resolved [Switch] Mechanical Lens and Yellow Wrench?

    Has anyone acquired the mechanical lens or the yellow wrench from the mechanic on the Switch version? I’m in prehardmode/small/expert and she has yet to have them in her inventory to sale. I don’t remember if it was Hardmode specific.
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