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    tModLoader Fargo's Mutant Mod: Summons and Souls

    Hey guys, love the mod, but I’ve recently updated and have come across a pretty freaking massive issue. When I have the Fargo soul mod installed my projectiles do no damage, it’s as though they’re cosmetic. Changing my mods and/or reloading has no effect. Could you guys please look into this...
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    tModLoader Mysterious Altars

    Hey, so I’ve come across a problem with this mod. I put my fetid baghnaks in an alter and it said it was sharpened, but went from 132 damage to just 80
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    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Hey, so I’ve been having a problem and I don’t know if it’s intentional, in the actual game or whatever, but the max mana seems to cap at 550 regardless of my accessories and items. I feel kinda cheesed as I ought to have more and I worked hard to get all that I have. (and I’m pretty sure it...
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    Terraria: Otherworld This is the End: Otherworld Development Cancelled

    I can't say I'm surprised all things considered, but... ugh. I've been looking forward to this for years. it was shown so long ago and back then it looked great! i can only imagine how much better it got. maybe put it on the shelf at least? it could come back, and honestly guys, stop being so...
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    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Aww man, could you please remove the Dps caps? I just spend months putting everything togeather, Fargo souls and other such items. Now they’re useless, I mean what’s the point of all this great stuff if I can’t use it to the full extent?
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    tModLoader Cheat Sheet

    has this been removed or something? i cant find this mod in the browser and the download seems to not work
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    Biome Idea

    It would definitely be nice to see some new terrain so far in the game, I assume you use the rocket to get back to the world, or you build a teleporter. Using the ship to go back and forth sounds fun because you get to fly, and we can put in an Astroid belt to navagate through, but the portal...
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    My suggestions

    And have them sell better stuff too. Like really, I think it's safe to say that people don't buy things like torches, copper tools, the dirt rod etc. Have them upgrade over time too, maybe the merchant could sell you coloured torches and unique weapons. Then I would visit him to do more then...
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    New Global NPC

    This reminds me of the first server I played on back in 1.1, every night bosses filled the arena and in the day everyone worked together to take skeleton prime down. But there were no rewards. Come on, some souls? We already have full chests of that. Yes I would like to see this in the game.
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    "Endless Event"

    I'd be rocking that for DAYS. And if the music got progressively more epic every few waves or so... Yeah we'd all be be there
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    Remove biome spreading?

    Yup. That's a problem. I spend dozens of platinum on that overpriced solution and go to the heart of the biome to remove it. But no! YOU MISSED 1 BLOCK! Next day its like my work never happened
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    [SUGGESTION] Changing Hook (Material) to be more useful

    Yeah, the hook definitely needs some attention. I've seen some people on this fourm say they want a grappling class, perhaps hooks could be used to make some of the earlier weapons
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    evilness stuff

    Personally, I don't like being a mindless villain but I can tell that people would enjoy that. It could add on the lore, you being the reason the world is so corrupted and this character could be the final boss
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    "Grappling" Class

    I think this would be better suited as part of the melee class, first of all, bosses and segmented enemies would be way to problematic, and if all you do is grapple, is doesn't leave much room for multiple weapon types
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    Bigger worlds, more islands

    I *ship* it! ... I'm funny, right? No? Ok...
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    End Game Weapon? Sugestion!

    I'm hesitant on this one. Because the machines that you defend make a permanent bubble, but the clentaminator's effect is temporary. Maybe it could be a late game tool for a quick fix, but I do like the idea of weaponizing it
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    Piggy Bank

    The piggy bank is there to increase inventory size. This would defeat the purpose... and make me sad
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    Add a corruption boss.

    Well, since this game is about fighting the corruption, I think there should be several bosses that defend more of the corruption and appear with different events. The corrupt bird could roost at a floating island, a robot boss could lurk around an abandoned lab and so on
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    Couple of ideas

    So my first thought connects with the idea of stopping the corruption. From what I've seen this might be similar the old ones army event where you defend a mostly flat area. I think it would be cool if, in addition to this, there would be large generated structures, such as an old fortress that...
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