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  1. Darkwraith332

    WIP The Rapier- seriously why don't we have one of these yet?!

    The Rapier, possibly one of the most famous types of swords ever to exist. It currently, to my knowledge, doesn't have a presence in Terraria. I don't like it. I don't like it at all. Let's fix it! The Rapier.Yeah, that. It doesn't work like the other swords. 50 Damage- pretty low, for where...
  2. Darkwraith332

    Ruined Castles- moar underground stuff!

    It's a shame so much of the Underground is empty. "Suggestion! GO!" The Building Ruined castles are 4 times rarer than Cabins. Their area is about the size of 3 of the Cabins put together. They are made of Stone Bricks and Stone brick walls, with frequent holes in the latter to give the...
  3. Darkwraith332

    WIP Barely Operational Magic Thingy.

    This is a completely useless item. If you wanted it to be effective, too bad. It has a 1/50 chance to be found in wooden chests. It does not count as the main item. It may or may not be a reference to Realm of the Mad God. Barely Operational Magic Thingy- slow use time- 100 mana- it has a 99%...
  4. Darkwraith332

    Story The Terrific Tall Tales of Tim- a Terraria experience

    Prologue - The Beginning Tim woke up that day with an awful headache. A shame too. Today was a very important day. A grey day. A rain day. But not only that, it was also the day that President Johnny Capricorn, The United States of America's 46th President, was making a speech in his...
  5. Darkwraith332

    Xbox One Skeletron why u so hard?!

    I recently got Terraria for my X-box. I have full meteor armor, space gun, flintlock pistol, vilethorn, light's bane, and a phaseblade. I think I might not have enough health or something b/c it keeps killin me. What to do?
  6. Darkwraith332

    A Dungeon Alternate-and moar desert content at the Same Time (ooooooh)

    So, I was thinking, and I realized that there'z a pretty simple way to get around this whole desert problem: why not just have a pyramid alternate of the Dungeon?! It could work thematically, and aren't we all tired of skeletons by now?! Well I really don't care because I'll suggest this...
  7. Darkwraith332

    WIP Darkwraith's small, arcade-style pixel art.

    I guess I am currently taking requests, I guess. Please remember that these will be SMALL. SO do not ask for a massive city, at least until I improve My work. Please, tell me what you think..... - This was the 2nd pixel art I ever made. With that as an example, that's all I'll post here for...
  8. Darkwraith332

    WIP The Genesis Hydra, making Forests cooler (ported from TO), and the Acid Gun, a cool gun...with acid.

    Well, this is gonna be a big one.... watch out. Structures There would be somewhat uncommon structures in the forest called Gnome Holes. They are similar to an Underground House in that they are made of wood and have backround walls. The entrance is found on the surface forest. It goes down for...
  9. Darkwraith332

    WIP More Sky Stuff

    This is my first suggestion thread. Judgeth not. I think the Sky sucks. It has a wyvern .Thats about it. And, if the RNG gods bless you, a cloud staff, feathers, and flight souls. Whee. Well Im gonna change that with this thing. A couple weapons and a new miniboss. Lets go. Storm Lord-a...
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