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  1. Lamia Clause

    My First Suggestion: Boss Queuing

    Hello. This Is My First Suggestion I've Thought Of. That's That. So, Boss Queuing.(I'm Using The Autocorrect For That So Sorry If It Appears Off. It Looks Off To Me.) What Is Boss Queuing? Well, Say You're Super Endgame And Want To Fight The Eye Of Cthulhu Over And Over Again Without Being...
  2. Lamia Clause

    Other Literature An Unnamed Terraria Pixel Comic

    Hello. I Have Seen The Recent Uprise In Terraria Comics And Decided To Finally Make One. I Have No Real Name For This So I'm Open To Suggestions. So, Here It Is! Note :They Are 260 × 260 Pixels, So They May Be Hard To Read. Tell Me If You Find These Difficult To Read And I'll Double The Size...
  3. Lamia Clause

    Short Story Activision: A Short Story.

    Hello TCF'ers! I Made This Story A Few Years Back On PSN, And Just Thought I Should Post It Here. It's A Story I, Personally, Found A Good Chuckle In Making. Without Further Ado, (Adeiu? Adeu? Whatever) My First Story! "It's the Month April of The Year 2016, And Activision has made over 600...
  4. Lamia Clause

    Insane Conspiracy Theories!

    It's Simple, Post Your Most Insane, Wacked Out, Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories! The Less Sense Made, The Infinitely Better! I'll Start: Donald Trump Is Secretly An Alien, And His Hair Is An Antenna Relaying Info To His Homeworld. READYSETGO
  5. Lamia Clause

    Your Favorite Developer Vanity Set

    It's An Obvious Question; What Dev Set Do You Prefer Your Characters To Wear? Mine Are, Finn: Red's Set Emma: Cenx's Set Aaron: D-Town's Set Lily: Yoraiz0r's Set Why Don't You Share Yours?
  6. Lamia Clause


    It's Simple, You Catch The Man. Why Is Not Important. Then Someone Finds A Way To Free The Man And So On And On. Example: Someguy: I Catch The Man By Casting Stop On Him. Otherguy: I Free The Man By Casting Dispel On Him. Yetanotherguy: I Catch The Man By Catching Him. I'll Start. I Catch The...
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