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  1. Newborntigr

    Working as Designed Lava flowing through blocks

    I saw a glitch once that it was flowing through blocks. Idk how it happened but I took a screenshot.
  2. Newborntigr

    Curious for games

    I am looking for games like terraria and minecraft to play. I already have both I am just looking for something new so hopefully the people at the forums can help. Especially when the top charts are filled with "games".
  3. Newborntigr

    Resolved [Mobile] Old ones army won't work

    I've done the old one's army once on two worlds and the first one I failed on round 3 for tier 2 and now I can't start up the event again.
  4. Newborntigr

    Mobile Mobile mods

    Will mobile be able to be modded with the 1.4 update this month
  5. Newborntigr

    Mobile Need a builder.

    I need a builder to help me build a house that looks like the Amazon yoyo.
  6. Newborntigr

    Mobile Need ideas on a build

    I need ideas for a simple non block house in my yoyo survival mobile world.
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