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  1. starman2995

    Simple Post-Plantera Dungeon Farm Tutorial

    Hello! I recently posted an afk rod of discord farm in the PC section of this forum, and I decided that I wanted to share my simple and easy dungeon farm here. This farm isn't afk, but it has good rates and takes almost no time to set up (and is very safe relative to regular dungeon farming)...
  2. starman2995

    My Early-Hardmode AFK Rod of Discord/Hallowed Mimic/Soul of Light Farm

    I've designed (what I think is) a pretty good AFK hallowed cavern mob farm. I haven't found any other farms that can really compare to it online, either in these forums or on youtube, so I thought I'd share it here. I'd also like to get some feedback to make it even better! This farm isn't super...
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