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    Resolved Terraria Expert Mode: Are The Mechanical Bosses Even Possible

    Skeletron Prime and Twins are more or less unchanged. Twins are the easiest imo if you focus down Retinazer who's the biggest threat and not Spazmatism like on normal (Those lasers hurt like nothing else). Skeletron Prime is exactly the same as before once you get rid of his laser gun. Destroyer...
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    Terraria Summoner solo expert mode Moon Lord

    Stardust Dragon so good. Nice videos!
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    Expert Mode Multiplayer Boss Health Scaling

    Expert Scaling with a multiplayer server is very tough and punishes players that don't play at the same pace as everyone else. Most of the progression against bosses on my server was made when I was on my own and everyone else had gone to bed. I nearly solo'd Fishron with x4 player health...
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    Expert Mode Multiplayer Boss Health Scaling

    Moon Lord's core hits 200k+ with 4 people. Don't remember the exact number; was too busy trying to not to die.
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    Expert Solo the final boss with any class, no arena

    So if you're using Shrimpy Truffle instead of the UFO mount, you don't need RoD/Ninja gear/Titanium Armor Set Bonus because you can just outrun the laser when you're under half health. Otherwise, yes, you will need one of the three items mentioned in the video with the UFO mount. It's definitely...
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    Stardust Summons: Dragon vs. Cells?

    I've been using Last Prism as my backup weapon simply for how fast it hits, trying to maximize the proc rate on the Stardust Cells. I'll have to give your loadout a try; I was using Papyrus Scarab + Necromantic Scroll + Beetle, so that may explain why I've been having trouble.
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    Stardust Summons: Dragon vs. Cells?

    What's your accessory setup? I filled mine with as many +minion as I could and I wasn't doing as well as I could have been on any other class. Is there a balance between conventional accessories/+damage and +minion to be hard? The cells and dragon seem wonderful, but all of the other summons...
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    Stardust Summons: Dragon vs. Cells?

    The biggest problem I have with this class is that you need to get close enough to enemies to make your minions aggro on them and can't run far enough away to make them return to you in really hectic situations. In addition your minions don't really have the DPS that the mage or the ranger can...
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    What is your swear-by-it weapon?

    Terrarian is basically the new Flairon with the Yoyo bag equipped. S.D.M.G. also gives me massive 1.1 nostalgia. Last Prism is objectively the best weapon in the game for both crowd control and single target DPS if you can mitigate the massive mana cost when focus firing it. I like it, and yet...
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    What Terraria Pet do you have?

    On my melee, Minotaur. I've yet to find suitable pets for my ranger and mage characters.
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    Mana costs got halved on both of them I think. Or at least they feel lower.
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    What is your swear-by-it weapon?

    Dart Rifle absolutely wrecks hardmode (on expert too!) until post Plantera. 10/10 would Dart Rifle again.
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    Things you hate doing in Terraria

    Pretty much this. Also finding Plantera in larger worlds can sometimes be annoying if you're trying to finish quickly. I feel like the game needs an endgame sink for all of the prior ores to give you something to do with them; you need a lot of it at the start of hardmode and then after you...
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    Celestial Sigil Not Working?

    Invasion events of any sort also block it in my experience.
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    Frost Moon + Increased Expert Drop Rates

    Perhaps the droprate is a little too high for this event? I mean, we hit wave 20, but still this is ridiculous.
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    Why those pillars are crazy

    The smaller ones eventually "level up" if you let them live long enough.
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    Stardust Summons: Dragon vs. Cells?

    Dragon has the problem of overriding any weapon that deals piercing damage in my experience, so depending on what your primary weapon is, cell may be better.
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    vortex beater's sound

    I can't say I agree. That sound makes it so intensely satisfying to fire. I wouldn't mind a very slight reduction in volume though.
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    Let's talk about "Expert" Mode...

    I'm rather happy with Expert Mode as a whole but it sounds like your problem is that there's expert-exclusive loot rather than with the mode itself. The problem is that there's a large portion of players who would likely complain if there wasn't some 'incentive' to play Expert (Look at any game...
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    Expert Solo the final boss with any class, no arena

    Just finished up my Melee and Mage characters; can confirm this works with both of them. Melee is the class that has the easiest time with this boss imo. I'll need to see if this works with a Summoner character on my next playthrough.
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