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  1. Itorius

    tModLoader Quantum Storage

    Introducing Quantum Storage! Quantum Storage allows you to access a huge array of storage space. Be it portable or tiles, it's all at hand's reach through the quantum realm! With the use of a 3 gem code, you can access specific frequencies, each with their own space and can be changed if need...
  2. Itorius

    tModLoader Portable Storage 2

    Introducing Portable Storage 2! A mod that provides you with a variety of bags and holders to store your items. With 16+ different bags, holding different kinds of items and auto picking them when gathered, it will become difficult to have your inventory flooded by the various loot you can...
  3. Itorius

    tModLoader tChromium

    tChromium is little side-project I have been working on and off for a couple months. It uses ChromiumFX to essentially port all the functionality of a normal web browser to Terraria. It currently only works on Windows, but I'm hoping to add support for Linux/Mac in the future. It is currently...
  4. Itorius

    tModLoader Portable Storage

    Back to ModHub Portable Storage got replaced by Portable Storage 2!
  5. Itorius

    tModLoader Modular Tools

    Back to ModHub Modular Tools Modular Tools adds various tools and a set of armor that can be fitted with modules which make them better. The UI which let's you install modules Release date: soon:tm: Team: @Itorius - programmer, @Iggysaur - spriter
  6. Itorius

    tModLoader Compact UI

    Back to ModHub Refined UI Refined UI is mod that allows other modders to register their own designs for UI. By itself it only replaces the vanilla UI mechanics with its own to ensure a more streamlined implementation.
  7. Itorius

    tModLoader Tape Measure

    Back to ModHub Tape Measure Tape Measure is a neat tool the lets you measure distances between tiles. Just left-click on two opposing corners and it will measure both the width and the height of the selected area. Right-click on the Tape Measure in inventory to bring up a color selection UI...
  8. Itorius

    tModLoader The One Library

    Back to ModHub The One Library 'One library to rule them all' A library that contains many useful tools that help me create mods.
  9. Itorius

    tModLoader Storage Refinements

    Back to ModHub Storage Refinements The ultimate solution to inventory problems! Released on 2/18/2017 Team: @Itorius - programmer
  10. Itorius

    tModLoader The Dawn of Industry

    Back to ModHub(tm) Technological overhaul for Terraria! You will start in the stone age with nothing but some "instruction manuals" and then you will slowly make your way through all the different eras. The Dawn of Industry: Core Core mod for all other TDoI mods. Includes all materials, power...
  11. Itorius

    Looking for skilled spriters

    Hey my name is Itorius. I'm the creator of the Itorius' Mods (Eternal Core, Modular Equipment, Classes, Summoner Expansion and Spells) and I'm looking for skilled spriters. If you want to apply - the reply should contain your avaibilty (hours/day and time zone) and sample of your work (3-5...
  12. Itorius

    tModLoader Itorius' Mods

    Mod Hub Base Library Container Library Fluid Library Portable Storage 2 Tape Measure Quantum Storage Join our Discord server!
  13. Itorius

    tModLoader True Eternity Mod - Recruitment

    I'm making a new thread since no one replied to the previous one. Coder - The knowledge of tModLoader is essential (know how to make custom AIs for bosses/mobs, advanced items). Spriter - Please post a sample of YOUR creation here.
  14. Itorius

    tModLoader Looking for main coder!

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a main coder that would like to work on my mod True Eternity with me! The knowledge of tModLoader is essential (know how to make custom AIs for bosses/mobs, advanced items). The main theme of the mod is Post-Moon Lord stuff. If you're interested or you want more...
  15. Itorius

    tModLoader True Eternity

    New thread
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