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    Frost Moon + Increased Expert Drop Rates

    Perhaps the droprate is a little too high for this event? I mean, we hit wave 20, but still this is ridiculous.
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    A lurker's rambling thoughts on 1.3 as a whole

    1.3 came out nearly in sync with my life giving me a lot of free time, so I've been playing it quite obsessively since it came out. I figured the least I could do was offer my thoughts on the state of this wonderful game up to 1.3. Keep in mind my thoughts are reflective on my expert mode...
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    Make merfolk/werewolf buffs not be drawn over your vanity slot gear.

    Topic title. Apologies if this is in the wrong section; I wasn't quite sure what it would be qualified as.
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    Expert Solo the final boss with any class, no arena

    It occurred to me I should crosspost this here from the other thread so that it doesn't get buried within a day or two. If you guys have any questions/feedback, fire away.
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