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  1. hammy0w0

    PC Witches Broom invisible

    Edit: I was using texture packs but it shouldn't effect it, the packs I used are: Axolotl replaces Baby Shark pet, Evee Fennec Fox Pet, Nice Angler.
  2. hammy0w0

    PC Witches Broom invisible

    Just as the title says. I couldn't find anything about it online so I'm putting it here. Logging off and reloading it fixed it.
  3. hammy0w0

    Working as Designed frozen liquids (minor)

    Is it based on your computers performance or is there a set limit?
  4. hammy0w0

    Terraria 1.3 Low FPS

    This is for people like me, that are browsing a old post looking for answers, try zooming all the way out. This helps with mine as if I am not it seems to only get ~45. I am not sure why it does this though.
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