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    Console Console Update Timing

    One thing is that Xbox 360 already has miner and builder potions is that a glitch or is it just not in other consoles updates?]
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    Xbox 360 So whos ready to play???

    CheesyCanine05 Yes
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    Xbox 360 Starting new need people

    send friend request GT CheesyCanine05
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    Xbox 360 Looking for players!

    I am looking for some Players to help me kill Duke Fishron or people who have the truffle worm! GT:CheesyCanine05 GT:CheesyCanine05
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    Xbox One Need friends to play with?

    GT:CheesyCanine05 nvm
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    Which weapon type do you use the most and why?

    [Terraria Xbox 360] Melee mainly because I have best 1.2.6 or 1.2.9 sword
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    Welcome B3nDaHuman:)

    Welcome B3nDaHuman:)
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