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  1. Dirty octopus

    tModLoader Time Apocalypse Mod

    MOD IS DEAD, WE'LL WORK ON PORTING THE OLD MOD "ETERNAL RESOLVE" WHICH NO ONE KNOWS BECAUSE IT'S DEAD A WHILE AGO, NOW IT'S ALIVE AGAIN, I'LL MAKE A NEW POST SOON TIME APOCALYPSE Time Apocalypse is a extremely WIP mod, as the mod is directly developing on 1.4. I can't give much spoiler but...
  2. Dirty octopus

    tModLoader The Evil Mind Mod!

    "Even it's already Journey's end, those evil pieces of stuff won't stop the destruction." Evil Mind is a mod project that aims to add more post-moonlord content. Have an incomplete plot happen in this weird, various universe called "Terraria" "A wacky world with crazy stuff and crazy creatures...
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