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  1. Ranadiel

    PC Able to sit with an NPC in a chair on his lap

    Just discovered an interesting bug/mechanic. I had my inventory open and forgot i had a squirrel on my cursor (picked up) and right clicked on the trader (wanted to sell it to him). Surprisingly, i sat on the traders lap (as seen in the screen attached). I can confirm that using any item picked...
  2. Ranadiel

    PS4 Multiple events break local coop

    Recently playing with my girlfriend on PS4 we were nearing another try against Moon Lord (he's pretty tough in Expert Mode) and were doing the last pillar, when the night came and everything went bad. The first player (top part of the screen) view height got halved (seeing everything, but being...
  3. Ranadiel

    PC Generation of houses and points of interest

    Today i was looking through the 1.3.6 sneak peeks, especially the new furniture sets and a glorious idea came to my mind. What if there was a mechanism that could create houses and points of interest in the map after some events? Surely this would enhance the gameplay and from the game...
  4. Ranadiel

    PS4 Getting damage from another player

    I have been playing with my girlfriend for some time now and although not going too far into the game yet (large Expert world). Among other lag issues or some graphical glitches, one thing stood out hard. My gf character (host) travelling on the surface got damage when my character was in hell...
  5. Ranadiel

    PC 1.3.1 Compact teleportation signal divide

    I have compacted the concept of teleportation from 1 source to 2 destinations. The idea is pretty simple and can be multiplied (experimented yesterday with the design) countless times. You're just limited by space, though the usage is pretty small :) HOW IT WORKS: - INPUT SIGNAL A is wired...
  6. Ranadiel

    Teleportation junction with new logic gates (hypothesis)

    Hey all! I know everyone is pretty hyped about the coming 1.3.1 Wiring Update. Some more than others (i'm definitely very hyped). So i started writing out some of the basic and a bit more advanced concepts with the new logic gates. Hopefully all my concepts will be true to the game. So i'd like...
  7. Ranadiel

    PC Solar Pillars fighting

    Hello all! I'm in with some information and some questions also. But first a bit of background. Been here quite some time already and managed to check a couple inventions people post here. Definitely everything is worth trying! Almost 2 months ago i had a PC failure and lost most of my fresh...
  8. Ranadiel

    Playing Hardcore characters in Multiplayer and retrieving items lost

    The topic just occured to me and was wondering about it for some time. What would you call a character that gets killed (being Hardcore so deleted), but his/hers items could have been picked up by another player to give them back to the new player? Been playing with my gf recently and was...
  9. Ranadiel

    World destructive boss fights

    Browsing through the suggestion forums i came up with an interesting idea. What if there was an option during world generation that the boss fights could be a bit more OP? Imagine fighting Skeletron Prime and his bombs messing up the landscape. Think about The Twins and Retinazer's laser leaving...
  10. Ranadiel

    Restriction mechanisms on blocks, chests, etc.

    Here i have something really new to the whole game, which in my opinion could change how everyone plays. My thinking recently was going from creating a PvP arena to the usage of mechanisms and blocks. With the upcoming 1.3.1 update, a lot of things will be changed, but I would like to present a...
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