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    What is the hardest game you have played or seen someone play

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    bad things in the school system thread

    I think students should be allowed to use their creativity when solving these problems. There should be certain assignments which allow students to have a more open approach to solving. Also i think it's ok to use some help of writing services or buy thesis to save time and get good grades. They...
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    Short Survey for University

    sounds interesting! I study accounting in college right now. I found service for accounting homework help to save my time and get good grades. I think such services are great for students. Hope I'll get a degree next year.
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    TV Shows/ Movie Recommendations

    Has anyone watched S2 of Discovery of Witches? I really enjoyed the first season but having got around 3 episodes in, i just can't get into season 2.
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    What are you doing at this exact moment?

    read this thread and drink coffee
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