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  1. Marcos Moutta

    Map keeps going all dark

    It fixes itself after I leave and enter the world. UPDATE: Might have to do with me pressing the windows key to look at other programs
  2. Marcos Moutta

    (IGNORE, I'M DUMB) Player's "slowness" in water disabled at random intervals

    Ever since I got the water walking boots, I've been having a weird issue - sometimes when I sink in water, the player doesn't start moving slowly as it should. Sometimes the effect doesn't last much, while on other occasions lasting up to 10 seconds. Unfortunately the only footage I managed to...
  3. Marcos Moutta

    **REPORTED** Battle potion + blue candle makes turtles and dolphins spawn in my line of sight

    I don't have a picture for this glitch because, well, if I took a screenshot it would just be a normal dolphin or turtle. When I take battle potion and let a blue candle sit on the ocean, if I walk to the center of the ocean with the terra spark boots, sometimes I can see dolphins and turtles...
  4. Marcos Moutta

    Is there a texture pack that lets me have a calico cat as the town cat?

    I want to have my own cat in terraria but there is no calico cat. If you know of anything, hit me up.
  5. Marcos Moutta

    **REPORTED** Weird hell background bug I can't even describe

    As I scrolled up and down, the birds from hell background showed up inside some soil. Like, don't even need to fix this, it didn't do anything, it was just so funky. Trippy lighting btw
  6. Marcos Moutta

    Why do my world and character backups not work?

    So, these days I said to myself: I'm gonna try to kill a boss, and if I fail, I'll load a backup of my world and character so as not to lose my potions! So I went into "My games" and put everything in a zip file. After dying, I deleted the "My games" folder and dragged the backup out of the zip...
  7. Marcos Moutta

    Is there a 1.1.2 mod repository?

    You know, today I'm in a "play terraria 1.1 mods" mood. For absolutely no reason. Is there a place to download them?
  8. Marcos Moutta

    Should I go with star veil or brain of confusion?

    Both have similar functions, which should I use for mech boss fights? I am using worm scarf already
  9. Marcos Moutta

    **REPORTED** When teleported from a snow pylon to another pylon, if the other pylon is underwater, I get the chilled debuff even tho it's not snow biome

    So, I have a pylon above ground on my snow biome, and if I use it to teleport to my desert pylon which is underwater, I get the chilled low speed debuff when I reach the desert pylon. I guess it's because it takes like a second for the game to switch between biomes, might be impossible to...
  10. Marcos Moutta

    **REPORTED** When the monster spits sand, it messes with the platform stair

    When the sand block touches the stairs, it creates this funny glitch, a piece of platform disappears!
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