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  1. PrinceMath

    Mac black lens help!

    ok so im doing an expert summoner run now, currently in hard mode and im going to beat twins now. i have been grinding black lens for ever, and i still never get one, killed 250 demon eyes and still not a single one, the wiki says 1/100 so i should have 2 now. i also tried having battle,water...
  2. PrinceMath

    Mac Mac Terraria crack questions

    soo i have 2 questions about cracked mac terraria 1. am i able to use tmodloader on cracked terraria mac? 2. is posting stuff about cracked terraria on forums illegal? everytime i'd replace the terraria.exe with the modded one along with the rest, my terraria goes in the dock...
  3. PrinceMath

    Mac Guide should get some more love

    i always used to listen to the advices from the guide when i got the game. but at hardmode he kinda becomes useless, in pc everyone uses him for WOF and recipes, on mobile he is basically useless unless for WOF. i suggest on some point, make him give more advices and let him track your progress...
  4. PrinceMath

    Prince's Guide to Expert Plantera

    Plantera is one heck of an expert boss. i expect you guys should overprepare for her as she is really hard unarmed. so ill discuss about her. in her first phase she will shoot seeds, these are very easy to dodge, but as plantera's Health decrease, she shots them faster. as her HP decrease she...
  5. PrinceMath

    PC Guide to Expert Skeletron

    have you been killing skeletron alot already and still fail? if so, this guide will help you in killing skeletron: first lets discuss his phases. 1. Arm Phase skeletron will hover above you while trying to smash u with his hands. 3-4 smashes and skeletron will switch to phase 2. trying to...
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