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  1. Daikonradish

    Daikonradish Presents: Question and Answer

    Over the years (on these forums), I stand certain that you have questions for me. I stand certain that I have the answers. Ever since they brought these AMAs in the open, I figured that this would be the place where they shall go besides my profile. Considering that these are intended for the...
  2. Daikonradish

    Daikon here!

    Greetings, fellow creators and Players, I am Daikon! Having been around for four years and counting, I thought my bio would be sufficient to give others an idea of who I am and what's my business here. With Journey's End released, it'd be time I reconsider that statement and several others over...
  3. Daikonradish

    PC Mod and Play

    Mod&Play (AKA Mod and Play) is a sandbox game currently running off Unreal Engine 4.25.1 (for those in the beta branch). Released on April 20 this year, it captured the imaginations of individuals like myself as new possibilities have opened up for people like me accustomed with Garry's Mod...
  4. Daikonradish

    Farceur's 1.3.4.x Experience

    At first, I couldn't decide on whether I should expand upon my story thread or produce this one, further focusing on the adventures of Farceur, especially since this rockin' update came out! Although I have other Players moving about, she's going to be the main focus regarding her 1.3.4.x...
  5. Daikonradish

    Other Art See Yourself in Minecraft: Pixel Art of Your Characters and Other Terrarian Entities!

    Greetings, everybody! After a long amount of time and doubts, it's high time I finally posted a thread about this stuff I make and here it is! Introduction/Background I started making pixel art of Terraria characters, both mine and others, using MC blocks in Garry's Mod sometime around late...
  6. Daikonradish

    PC Lillnex's Godess Tower

    The wait has been over; after so long, taking the time to focus on many other things (both inside and outside of Terraria), I now bestow upon a creation meant for Lillnex of Aurora Terraria who (along with others) encouraged me to get back to the building aspect of the game and to celebrate the...
  7. Daikonradish

    TCF Suggestion Address to the Community: Videos by Staff Members who Handle the Articles Index to Explain the News

    I've been thinking (although this idea was with me for quite a while): for every new post on these forums' home page, there should be a short video by the poster that gives a simple overview of what's going on and include inputs from other users who happened to be involved in them (if they can...
  8. Daikonradish

    Story Writings, Ramblings, and other Observations

    These writings receive dedication for the likes of Phil Hoffman, Patrick Swayze, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Robin Williams, and Prince. May they rest in peace. Due to spoiler limits, more stories, writings, and other observations can be found in the Periwinkle Pages! Coming soon!
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