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  1. nightintunisia

    **REPORTED** [Mac] Armor-related visual effects cause significant frame rate drops

    After 1.4.1, my game runs incredibly well on a 2019 MacBook Pro (13 inch model), and I get a constant 60FPS pretty much the whole time. The only exception (that I've noticed so far) is: when I put on an armor with visual effects (Solar Flare Armor, for example) or when I use an item that has a...
  2. nightintunisia

    Working as Designed Can't play at 100% zoom on 2048x1280

    Playing on a 2019 MacBook Pro, 13-inch model. Whenever I set my resolution to 2048x1280, I'm unable to play at 100% zoom. The game automatically sets zoom to 107%, and it won't let me adjust it to 100% (the slider "begins" at 107%). This happens in both fullscreen and windowed mode. Is this...
  3. nightintunisia

    Mac Frame rate issues on macOS: bestiary, mannequins and some armor sets

    I know macOS and Linux aren't fully supported right now, but I've had some frame rate issues that other Mac users might have come across, so I thought I'd share this. First of all, I'm running the game on a 13-inch 2019 MacBook Pro. I'll include full specs at the end of this post. I use the...
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