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  1. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    Single Thread RP The Dead and the Afraid: Little Nightmares RP

    Story: Welcome to the world of Little Nightmares! Well…it’s not welcoming. Not the slightest bit. Horrors lurk around every corner. To survive, you must run, hide and fight. That is, if you’re a kid. But maybe you’re one of the horrors yourself. Maybe you can be found in the forest by the...
  2. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    Single Thread RP Secure. Contain. Protect.: SCP Roleplay

    Story: Welcome to the world’s most decorated zoo full of everything you wish was make believe! It’s been quite busy lately: New SCP entries being discovered, new Class Ds being captured and, of course, lots of paperwork documenting all of the deaths, injuries and breaches. But the site must...
  3. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    Character AMA!

    Hello! Welcome to my Character AMA! This is where you get to ask my RP characters from the Aftermath Adventures RP (by Me), Crisis Averted: Skyrim RP (by TerrariaOn3DS), Secure. Contain. Protect.: SCP Roleplay (by Me), A Tale of Two Countries (By Agent Sandstorm), and The Dead and the Afraid...
  4. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    My Top Three Current Builds

    Please let me know what you think below! Also, I’ll post a poll where you can vote to tell me your favorite!
  5. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    House/NPC Resort

    My home that I’ve built up over my time in Terraria: Features: Bar Rooms Bathroom Crafting My bedroom Banner Room Storage Room
  6. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    Single Thread RP Aftermath Adventures

    Story: Original: It's over. The Moon Lord has been defeated. Cthulhu's resurrection has been stopped. Society has began to rebuild itself town by town. But the struggle for balance in Terraria is far from over. The Lunatic Cult has gone missing, and everyone thought they were gone. But recently...
  7. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    Theory: The Last Dryad and How They Survived

    The Dryad is an interesting NPC indeed. Known to be the last of her kind, the Dryad is obsessed with the balance of the world. We know little about the other Dryads, for the rest of the Dryads perished in the Great War of Cthulhu after having weakened Cthulhu into the Moon Lord. So how did this...
  8. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    Theory: The Underground Societies of Terraria

    Chances are that if you play Terraria, you have come across a structure resembling a house while mining in a cave. These "houses," which are called Underground Cabins, usually contain loot and often appear to be out of place. After all, they're just found in random spots in caves! But is it...
  9. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    Theory: Is It Morally Right to Kill the Wall of Flesh?

    The Wall of Flesh is the core of the world and the final pre-hardmode boss before entering Hard Mode. Defeating the Wall of Flesh will release the souls of light and darkness into your world, creating stronger enemies, new items, and more. There are a lot of theories surrounding the Wall of...
  10. InkTheAlphaCrafter

    Theory: The Guide's TRUE Identity

    Ah, the guide! The first NPC you meet! Your first friend in the world of Terraria! We all have heard about the guide! We know his behavior, his jobs, his looks. But how much do we really know? Where did the Guide come from? Why is he working with us? What did he do in the past? Is it possible...
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