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    Ask your friendly neighborhood Folder!

    Ask me. Anything. Anything you want. ANYTHING. Just ask me I'm so lonely....
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    [Gud Sprites] Drunk and Hang Over Debuffs: LET US GET WASTED!!!

    Do you feel that the Current tipsy debuff isn't drunk enough for you? No Do you want to get Wasted? No Do you...want to ever experience an Hang Over without your parents knowing it? No Introducing... Drunk and Hang Over Debuffs: LET US GET WASTED!!! Yay! Drunk Tool tip- MORE! You get...
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    [SRT] Expanding Sharks

    Many a times, we find our beaches either corrupted/Crimsoned/Hallowed. And these new biomes have nothing to offer. So, we need more Variety of Enemies for the Ocean. And so I thought “Hey, why not make all the New Enemies Sharks?”And thus came a new point into my mind WE NEED MORE SHARKS...
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    Shroomite Ore and Shroomite Bricks

    I think It was in a thread about Chlorophyte bricks where someone mentioned that we must also have Shroomite bricks. I liked the Idea, So why not suggest it? Shroomite Ore Shroomite Ore spawns in the underground Mushroom Biome the Same way as Chlorophyte ore Post-Plantera Chlorophyte can be...
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    White Dyes!

    Fun Fact:Half of the People came here to Post that Silver dye is already like a White Dye.So FYI,Its not :p The Current Silver Dye is well umm....Not in Silver Color. It is more of a Whitish Color So, BEHOLD THE NEW SILVER DYE!!! (Hallelujah!,Hallelujah!,Hallelujah!) Your Facial Expression...
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    [Sprite]Cleanse Tag:Repel those Pesky Enemies Away!

    "Once Upon a time,there lived a Agent who built a Castle in the Sky.It was Magnificent,with it's Furniture Made of Pure Gold.All the NPCs where happy to live in it.Once,the Agent Dropped a Voodo Doll into lava by accident and a Creature who oddly looked like a tongue Appeared.The Agent defeated...
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    Let Da Golem Inflict Da "Broken Armor" Debuff

    Face it,Golem's No challenge at all.One can even consider him as the King Slime of Hard Mode. Now,I have seen threads were the Attack pattern of the Golem is Changed to make it Harder.I dont believe in Changing the Attack pattern of the Golem,So as the Title says,Let Da Golem Inflict Da "Broken...
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    Your Pokemon Dream Team?

    I like Pokemon,and one of the things that I like the Most about it is the Variety of Pokemons,which helps the Player to make a Team for his/her strategies. My Dream team is- Typhlosion Tyranitar Hitmonchan Gyrados Dragonite Volcarona So,Post yours!
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    Hook of Destruction and Prime's Arms:An Attempt at Balancing the Mech Bosses

    So the Mech bosses drops Souls which are used to Craft weapons and Accessories. Souls of Sight are used for crafting 3 Items while the other souls are used for crafting 2 Items So I'm suggesting a Way to balance this Item Problem. Hook Of Destruction Crafting-20 Souls of Might+25 Chains+1 Hook...
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    Golden Tickets and Lottery Tickets:A New way of Earning Money

    When the Player is nearing Hard Mode,Many a times he tries to sell off his Valuable stuff to earn coins-To reforge Weapons which they sell off later.So- Just say that this suggestion suggests a New way of earning Money B-But wouldn't that be less Dramatic? I don't care.Stop blabbering and tell...
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    More Potions!

    Well,we have a Lot of Potions.All of them focus on enhancing the player.But my Question is,why is there no Potions for Practical use?(Thorn,Builder,Gill potion and Such falls under this Category). Soooo,I decided to Make some More Potions! Transportation Potion So,I was on this Server which...
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    A Minor change to Surface Chests

    This might have been suggested before,But all I'm suggesting is a Different type of Chest for different biomes.For Example,A Boreal chest for the Snow Biome,A Shadewood one for the Crimson,A Ebonwood one for the Corruption and such....
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    The Blowcannon:A (Might be)Worthy Upgrade of the Blowgun

    Ahem.The Blowgun,in my Opinion,Is a Good weapon for Rangers(Reason is that one can get ammo easily).In HM,The player seldom uses the Blowgun and either stores it,Trashes it,or sells it for a Gold coin.So for HM,an upgrade to the Blowgun is required.so........ Blowcannon Type-Weapon Damage-38...
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    The Silencer

    So I was Playing Terraria and was using my Shot Gun(Don't Judge me) On Several Monsters.The Noise of the Gun annoys me(Don't Judge me again)..So what I Propose is the Silencer. Silencer Accessory Tool-tip-The Silence is getting Awkward... Allows the Player to Make the Gun Shut the :red...
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    The Exo-Armor,A HM Class-Neutral Armor

    After Gold/Platinum Armor, There are no Class-Neutral Armors. So I’ve decided to Introduce a Class-Neutral Armor for Hardmode. But First… A Minor Change to Derpling.Derpling will now drop 3-6 Exoskeleton(33.33%) Exoskeleton A Material Used for Crafting Exo-Armor Now…let the Fun Begin...
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    The Trapdoor

    Well,Once I built a House Underground with its Entrance at the Top.I Couldn't use Doors and Platforms(Mobs can Fall Through these) so this is what I Suggest-Trapdoors Trapdoor Crafting-6 Wood(any) at a Workbench Like how a Door moves from Still to Left/Right,The Trapdoor works From Still to...
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    Zero's Slightly Better Digital Art and some Stuff and Some Thingies

    Hello, Zero Here!I kind of love drawing things....So yeah. Now time for some "Art" [/SPOILER] So Yeah, Feel free to Stop by and request Something....... Gud. Current Requests @CraftedNightmare Here! - His three characters. @OneOnlyDan - Himself. Stuff I had done, eh?
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    Texture Paints

    Well,I was once making a House out of Leaf Blocks and I realized that I didn't Like the Grass Walls.I solved the Problem by using Actuators,but then I thought,"Hey,wouldn't it be Nice if I can get the Leafy texture on that Chest?".Sadly,I couldn't.This set off my Primitive Mind to find a...
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    Fury of the Bees

    Well,are you a Fan of the Starfury?I'm not.Sure,its fun as Hell,But Seriously I Like the Beekeeper's Sword better.Now,Imagine what would happen if Both of those Fun swords can be Forged into One... Fury of the Bees...
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    Revamping The Spooky Chestplate

    Have you ever Noticed that the End-Game Summoner armor(Spooky Armor) has no Unique Set Bonus?Well,If you have,This thread is Just for you! Spooky Breastplate (This is the Orginal Sprite...) Crafting-300 spooky wood Stats Type Armor Defense -10 Max Stack- 1 Rarity- Body...
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